Ho! Ho! Horrified!

The older Isabella gets, the more I realize how much she is turning into a mini version of me.

We both share the same baby-fine hair. On her, it's cute. On me, not so much.

We both love books. I prefer to read them, and she still likes to lick them, but never mind.

And she and I share what I call conviction, and what my husband calls unflinching willfulness.

What we apparently do not share is my childhood affinity for the fat man in the red suit.

Here's me at almost 9 months old, pleased as all get-out to be sitting on Santa's lap all by myself. Look! I'm even clapping my hands. By all appearances, I am having a grand old time. (Although Santa looks as if rigor mortis has set in.)

And here's Isabella, at almost 16 months old. I turned her body around to sit on Santa's lap. She clung to me like Posh Spice to the Stairmaster and wouldn't let go. Santa then requested that I sit on his lap with Isabella (creepy!) to see if things got any better (they didn't), and the hubs snapped this keepsake photo for next year's Christmas card.

(Thanks for all your advice and insight into The Great Vegetable Debate of 2007. I've decided that hidden vegetables (as long as they're sneaked into healthy foods and not crap food) are better than no vegetables, so let the subterfuge begin.)

12 Responses to “Ho! Ho! Horrified!”

  1. # Blogger Marie


  2. # Blogger shokufeh

    "like Posh Spice to the Stairmaster" - hahahaha  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Hannah sat on Santa's lap once when she was two, and she had the most unnerved look on her face. I haven't had the heart to try it since then with any of the other kids. They will approach him, though, if we happen to see him out and about. Sitting on his lap? Forget about it! And, yes. It's pretty darn creepy when Santa asks mommy to sit on his lap, too. ;-)

    PS - Blogger won't let me sign in with WordPress (even though I am currently signed on to my WordPress account. When will Blogger get its act together?) Anyway, it's me - Melissa  

  4. # Blogger kenju

    You look precious with Santa, and you'll love her photo 20 years from now.....LOL  

  5. # Blogger Beagle

    I would seriously LOVE to get a Christmas card like that! It's real and it's adorable!  

  6. # Blogger My Wombinations

    I second the vote for next year's Christmas card. Seriously. It is really funny.  

  7. # Anonymous Shannon at Westering Hills

    I love how your huge, strained smile is attempting to be a smile for the both of you! It's a pretty awesome photo and one you can torment her with as a teenager in front of her friends!

    I'm having the same problem as Melissa. Curses to Blogger!  

  8. # Blogger l

    The expression on your face is awesome! You look like a mom with a sense of humor. Your child, however, does not. (At least, not at that particular moment.)  

  9. # Blogger sher

    LOL!!! Seriously--please use it as a Christmas card! Perfecto!  

  10. # Blogger Ramona

    You should use that as next year's Christmas card! Absolutely priceless! Love the look on your face, too!
    Merry merry Christmas Kristi, to you and your family!
    And best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year.
    And may Isabella get over her fear of fat, red men!  

  11. # Blogger Damselfly

    That picture is hysterical, but oh, you poor things! Fly turned away from Santa a couple days ago, too. :)  

  12. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    That is so funny!! Thank you for sharing this with me! Glad Little Elvis isn't the only one who seems to hate Santa.  

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