Isabella at 16 months

Isabella turned 16 months old on the 22nd. Here's what the world's tiniest dictator has been up to in the past month.

Her word pronunciation has shown great improvement. "Milk" now sounds exactly like it should, as does "book" and "door." She's also talking so much more than she was last month. At her 15-month appointment last month, her pediatrician asked if she was saying 3-6 words, which is developmentally appropriate for her age. I said that she was, and then went home and wrote down all the words I could remember that she uses. There are over 50. She can also count to two. If I say "one," she'll say, "two." Annoying mama-brag over.

Her favorite word over the last month is, by far, "No!" At first we thought it cute. "Awww... she doesn't want to put on her jacket" and "Awwww...she doesn't want to leave her aunt's house. She wants to stay! Isn't it adorable that she's opinionated, just like her mother?"
And now? The chuckles over her developing strong personality are over. Long.Over. Isabella knows what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants it, and nothing less than the flawless execution of her plans and ideas will do. Mother and child are butting heads. Often.

Her motor skills are improving too. Isabella can now open her wallet, take the lids off of boxes and containers, etc., instead of handing them over to me to open. And she's attempting to snap her fingers, which is pretty funny to watch.
At her 15-month checkup last month, she was 21 pounds, 5 ounces (30th percentile) and 30 3/4 inches long (60th percentile). She's still sporting a gigantic noggin, which is 48cm (92nth percentile).
In addition to her seemingly overnight loathing of foods she once loved, she's also adopted the undesirable behavioral quality of changing table acrobatics. She twists. She writhes. She kicks her feet and has nailed me in the jaw with them more than once. And she flips over, so that she's up on all fours. This terrifies me, as I fear that one day she will launch herself completely off the table and onto the floor, which is how my sister broke her collar bone when she was a baby.

When I rock her before putting her down to sleep for the night, she's started taking my head in her hands, saying, "Mama," and giving me a kiss, which always melts this mama's cold heart, even when we've had the worst of days. She's also picked up the word "wow!" and each time we've switched on the Christmas tree's lights this month, she'll say it.

And, in addition to her two top teeth, which are almost completely descended, the two bottom ones have just broken the skin. So far, she seems to have few teething problems.

Current Likes: Zippers, opening and closing doors, belly buttons
Current Dislikes: Vegetables, wearing clothing in the car

Has anyone seen my baby? Because this little girl just cannot be her.

8 Responses to “Isabella at 16 months”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    just wait -- next year at this time, you'll be linking to her blog! And making cookies together. Love the photos.  

  2. # Blogger Damselfly

    Holy cow! 50 words! Fly speaks four words reliably. I know he understands more, but.... What a smart little cookie she is. Her hair is growing! And hurray for the teeth.  

  3. # Anonymous sher

    Loved reading this post. I was all smiles and giggling and going, "AWWWW." And how she has grown, just amazing. She also sounds like a very smart little tyke, but that's not a total surprise. Look at her mom!  

  4. # Blogger kenju

    Awwwww.....she's so cute. It's a good thing you write about her here. She will change so fast you won't remember it all - except if it is written down.  

  5. # Blogger Tracey

    It freakin flies, doesn't it? And it just gets faster as they get older, which is a crushing thought...

    She's a cutie pie. Perhaps her sudden dislike of foods is intertwined with her rapid teething? Well, that, and the age...


  6. # Blogger Debbie

    I cannot believe how adorable she is! Those brown eyes are killer.  

  7. # Blogger Stephanie

    50 words! Wow! My daughter will turn 16 months old in January and she's closer to where Fly is (about four words). Of course, she understands much more, but the language bit is slow in coming...  

  8. # Anonymous Laura McIntyre

    Happy 16 months, she is a little chatter box and of course as cute as could be.  

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