Isabella at 15 months

Isabella turned 15 months old on Thanksgiving Day.

In the last month, the child has developed a voracious appetite. It seems as if she's eating her weight in cheese and apples and oatmeal every single day. She cannot get enough to eat, and I'm now wondering if she's harboring a tapeworm. And to think she started out her life dangling off the low end of the weight percentile charts. She's also started to feed herself with the spoon (left-handed), which is simultaneously wonderful and massively messy at the same time. She does best with foods that don't slide, such as oatmeal and mashed potatoes.

Her vocabulary is growing along with her belly. She's put her first two words together ("My Dada") and can identify things she's eating without being told what they are. Meanwhile, I'm pursuing a Master's in Toddler-ese Translation. It's amazing to me that I can understand her without a problem most of the time when she's really not pronouncing most of her words correctly yet.

In addition to training for a 5K by lapping the first floor of my house approximately 432 times a day, she will now take my hand and pull me in the direction she wants me to go.

She's obsessed with watching the "bebe" on my laptop. Anytime she meanders into my office, she asks to see the videos I've taken of her.

An interesting development on the bodily functions front this month. She will sometimes tell me when she's pooped by pointing down to her diaper and saying "poo poo." According to my grandmother (she of the "I've raised 5 children and 11 grandchildren, so I know a thing or two about..." fill in the blank with the child-rearing practice of choice here), this means she's going to be easy to potty train. The temptation to do it Right Now is huge, but I know Isabella is too young yet.

The belly button obsession continues. Every morning, I get her out of her crib, and we hang out in the glider rocker in her room for a bit. She immediately starts searching for her belly button. I unzip her sleeper so she can find it and poke at it, and then she starts lifting up my shirt to see mine. So we compare. And then we go about our day. Yeah. I'm as confused by that one as you are.

She's started what I think may be the early beginnings of pretend play. She likes feeding her sippy cup to her stuffed animals, and trying to put her binkie in their mouths as well. She also loves to tuck her animals under blankets, as if she's putting them to bed.

Isabella loves to shake her groove thing. She'll point to the stereo and say, "sss...sss" (music) and start dancing. Once music is playing, she's highly discriminating regarding which songs she will or will not dance to. I'll put on a CD and play track 1. If she doesn't like it, she'll say, "No," and we'll move to track 2, and so on. Once she's found one she likes, she smiles and immediately starts dancing.

And now, for a teeth update.

She still has none. At 15 months old.

I've decided to embrace the whole no teeth thing, instead of being all WTF? about it. I was able to nurse her for 13 months without being bitten. And when she tries to bite me now, it doesn't hurt. Also, I figure if the teeth never come in, I'm saving a fortune on the braces, retainers, and possible head gear all those other kids with teeth will need to have.

As you know, she's not too interested in sitting still (unless she's shoveling food hand over fist down her gullet), so this was a very low picture month. Here are a couple I did manage to take.

13 Responses to “Isabella at 15 months”

  1. # Blogger Beagle

    The potty training thing is facinating to me. My mother claims to have trained me at 1 year (WTH I ask?) according to her it was easy because I hated to be dirty/wet. She blames all late training (and it's all late training to her) today on the fact that the diapers are too good. Cloth would solve all training woes. You may wonder why we even have these conversations given I don't have a child as yet, but she makes comments about other people's kids, like they are total failures if their kid still wears diapers at 2. I'm scared in advace.

    (I can't wait to see/hear what all I do wrong when my turn comes!)

    What is the so-called norm for the modern age in potty training anyway?

    Your grandma sounds like good material for your writing talent! And I think she's get on real well with my mother.

    Isabella sounds like a strong and independant sort, a girl who knows what she wants. I like that.

    And she's cute as can be!  

  2. # Blogger Editorgirl

    She's so cute Kristi! It's funny you mention the potty training thing. I was talking to my brother the other day and he showed me a pic of my nephew sitting and smiling on his potty (no joke). (He'll be 19 months next week). He isn't using it but does like to sit on it so they are considering trying to train him now - hey who knows! I'll keep you posted.  

  3. # Blogger Tracey

    Potty training... heh. heh. Nerves twitching over here. Can't I just skip the whole mess? BTDT twice and I do NOT want to do it again thankyouverymuch.


    She's a cutie pie.  

  4. # Blogger Tracey

    Potty training... heh. heh. Nerves twitching over here. Can't I just skip the whole mess? BTDT twice and I do NOT want to do it again thankyouverymuch.


    She's a cutie pie.  

  5. # Blogger Marie

    Such a cutie! Telling you about the poo is definitely a good thing! She probably can't wait to get rid of that bounty, to make room for more food!!  

  6. # Anonymous a writer's woolgatherings

    I love the fascination with the belly button - too cute! Bridget has a fascination with another part of the human anatomy that comes in pairs, and I've come to realize it's not just mine she's after. The other day Bridget said to my husband when he took off his shirt, "Oh! Man boobs!" I'm guilty for having ONCE said "man boobs" and now she says it all the time.

    As far as potty training goes, my philosophy is that it'll happen when it happens . . .  

  7. # Blogger Thalia

    apparently you can potty train much earlier than we do now. A friend's mother is a child psychologist, and the friend had potty trained her daughter by 16 months, just by saying to her daughter when ever she noticed her straining, "are you doing a poo" and once becca started volunteering the info, as isabella is doing, putting her on the potty when she started. Worked like a dream, but I know every child is different.  

  8. # Blogger kenju

    She's in a growth spurt! Pretty soon, all her jumpers will be too short. That's nearly always the case when they eat everything and still want more!  

  9. # Blogger Laura McIntyre

    Happy 15 months, she sounds so smart and fun - most of all cute.

    She will get teeth soon enough, we only have two at 12 months but have known other children who have not got any till 18 months  

  10. # Blogger M

    Her and Madelyn sound so much alike, aside from the belly button fascination. Maddy is obsessed with noses and eyes. In fact, she will say EYE and then poke you in your eye. Good times.
    Wish the girls could play together.  

  11. # Blogger Christine

    She is so cute! and big!

    Supposedly my mother potty trained me at 14 months because I was too *ahem* "hefty" to fit into the diapers they made back then. I'm not sure if I believe it. Let us just say I did, and I did it because I was extraordinarily gifted.

    But, I just wanted to say "hi" and congratulate you once again on such a fantastic little kiddo.  

  12. # Blogger Damselfly

    I love the daily belly button ritual! And look at all that gorgeous hair now!  

  13. # Blogger sher

    She's so big!!!!! It's amazing to me.  

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