Isabella at 13 Months

Isabella turned 13 months old on Saturday.

A lot has changed in Isabella's world in the last month.

As of Monday, she's no longer a breastfed baby. We've been down to one feeding a day for weeks now, with each session lasting less than 7 minutes. I'm so glad she seems to have essentially weaned herself, and she doesn't seem to miss it at all. That makes one of us. And also, I am in physical pain and have huge breasts, yet again. I won't bore you with the details, but someone please tell me it will go away soon.

She has mastered the furrowed brow look, and flashes it quite often when something isn't going her way, which lately, is quite often. To that end, she has also pefected the fine art of the temper tantrum, complete with back arching, and face-buried-in-the-ground fury. Let me tell you, it is F-U-N hauling a screaming toddler out of here, there, and everywhere because you dared to pry your wallet out of her hands to pay the cashier.

Isabella has also developed a raging case of mommy-itis. As in, I can rarely leave her in one room and walk into another (which is mere steps away, mind you) without her bursting into tears. I cannot set her down on the floor, 12 inches away from me, while I type an email or try to work without her attempting to climb into my lap. And remember how I was longing to hear "mama" when "dada" was the word du jour for months? Well, now it's "mama mama mama" all day long. So, I like being needed and loved and stuff, but this? Is a bit much.

Now on to the good stuff.

After cruising around the furniture for about six weeks, and taking a few steps on her own before wiping out for the past month, Isabella is now almost walking completely independently. She can walk across the entire first floor of our house, in our yard, and just about anywhere she needs to go. She still requires a table or couch to pull herself up, but once she's up, she's off.

Her cognitive development has exploded this month. I can actually talk to her and she understands some of my requests. If I ask her to put the block in the box, without any kind of gesturing on my part, she does it. I can ask her to take another sip of milk, and she does. When I ask her to please bring mommy another Jack and Coke from the kitchen, she obliges.

She says quite a few new words, too. In addition to mama, dada, duck, and dog, she says "ba" (ball), "waaaa" (water) and can make the "c" sound for car and cat. She also says "Num" when she's hungry, because I have ridiculously referred to her food as "numma-nummas" since she was a little baby. I blame the hormones.

Oh, and have I mentioned that she still has no teeth? 13 months old and Not.A.Single.One. This has to be some sort of record, right?

Current Likes: Carrying around a tiny pocket calculator with the reckless abandon of one who is unaware of the fact that numbers and math constitute the stuff her mother's nightmares are made of. Also, blowing kisses, attempting to kiss the cats (they're not interested), and wrecking an only quasi-babyproofed house.

Current Dislikes: Sitting still. Containment of any kind, including her arch-enemy, the stroller, the pack-n-play, and her car seat. And also her belly button.

7 Responses to “Isabella at 13 Months”

  1. # Blogger Editorgirl

    She's growing into quite the little lady. And as a writer myself the whole running around with the calculator is mind blowing, but on a lighter note, who knows, by 18 months she may be able to add better than I can!  

  2. # Blogger Beagle

    I'd love a frowny face pic!

    She is so cute. (Have I said that before?)  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    She doesn't like her bellybutton? What's up, dudette?!

    She's walking!?! Why wasn't an e-mail alert sent out about this!? Walking! WOW!  

  4. # Anonymous Melissa Garrett

    What a cutie! She sounds so much like Bridget at that age. Wait ~ Bridget can still throw an incredible tantrum and still bursts into tears when I leave a room (some things never change, I suppose).

    No teeth?? Oh, how I love those gummy grins. Teeth really change how they look, and I bet she gets a mouthful at once. Better have some frozen waffles on hand ;-)  

  5. # Blogger Damselfly

    How can she not like her belly button?!

    Your wallet, though. She's learned really early, huh?


  6. # Blogger Laura McIntyre

    Happy 13 months, she is adorable. I just love her hair. She sounds such a smart wee thing  

  7. # Blogger My Wombinations

    Love that little grin! She is so cute. Good luck with the boob thing... I am not looking forward to that.  

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