Thanksgiving, Toddler-Style

What a difference a year makes.

Last year at this time, Isabella was three months old. Her Thanksgiving Day consisted of sleeping intermittently, smiling beatifically, and nursing continuously. She was content to sit on laps. Overjoyed if someone dangled a toy in front of her face. Thrilled further still if someone read her a story or sang her a song. I have many adorable photos of her by herself, with me, with her dad, and with her various and sundry relative fan club. The day was well-documented for posterity's sake.

She's 15 months old now. This is what I got for posterity this year:

Here's my daughter decidedly unthrilled about sitting still for a photo on her great-grandmother's couch.

Here's another of her running outside to take an important call.

Here, she's trying to assess the probability of escaping, unseen, out the front door of her great-grandma's house by using her dad's legs as cover. Also, this view of her back? One I was looking at quite a lot yesterday.

And finally, here's the best photo of the two of us together on Thanksgiving. I'm ordering an 8x10 of this one for my desk.

I hope she doesn't ask me someday where all the photos from her toddler days are because so far, I got nothing.

7 Responses to “Thanksgiving, Toddler-Style”

  1. # Blogger kenju

    You both look very cute anyway! I tried to enlarge the pic, but it wouldn't.  

  2. # Blogger M

    :) You crack me up!  

  3. # Blogger Shannon

    I swear 90% of all of Lore's photos of her back or the top of her head... little brat lol... but I love that photo of you and her together... get that framed for the hubby to have at work lol...  

  4. # Anonymous a writer's woolgatherings

    Well, at least you got photos. I don't even bother with the camera anymore!  

  5. # Blogger Beagle

    I think this photo will come in handy when she's a teenager.

    You look great and she's cute, even when scrunched up and crying! (Of course there is no sound byte!)  

  6. # Blogger Damselfly

    Haha! I can relate! Most of my pictures of Fly are of the side of his head (blurry) or the back of him as he runs away from me.

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!  

  7. # Blogger Laura McIntyre

    Trying getting a picture of two toddlers together, you both look adorable though  

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