Would You Take Your Young Daughter to a Kiddie Spa?

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you know that my soapbox is pretty much permanently affixed to my feet. While I would say that I enjoy debating issues of social and political merit, my husband would tell you that I'm always ready for an argument.

Today, I'm guest-posting on Melissa's blog. She runs a weekly feature called Up For Debate, designed to provoke thought amongst her readers. Melissa has recently opened up her Friday feature to contributing writers, and since I always seem to have my panties in a bunch about something (incidentally, I despise the word "panties" and will perhaps have to debate its merit as a word on a future Friday), I jumped at the chance to write for her blog.

Did you know that according to this, more than half of the United States' 14,000 spas are now offering kid-friendly services? In addition, spas designed specifically for children are popping up all over, including one in the next town over from mine.

Check out my post over at A Writer's Woolgatherings to see what I think about this trend.

6 Responses to “Would You Take Your Young Daughter to a Kiddie Spa?”

  1. # Blogger Beagle

    I have to admit, I love a good massage. But the most makeup I wear is mascara on a weekday and throw in some eyeliner on a weekend and that's about as fancy as it gets around here.

    I think girls are overexposed to the beauty thing anyway. But kid spas?? I'll have to look around to see if we have one here. Yikes!  

  2. # Anonymous Melissa Garrett

    Hey Kristi! Make sure you click over from time to time to see all the comments you've gotten so far :-)

    Thanks for participating!  

  3. # Blogger Lisanne

    When I was pregnant with Meredith and pampered myself at the day spa before she was born, I thought to myself, "Wow, I can't wait until she's older to have a mother-daughter spa day together." But I didn't mean, like, when she's a toddler! Wow ~ that's quite the idea. Now, I think that a spa-themed birthday party would be fun (for an older child), but not a toddler! Weird.  

  4. # Blogger Kristi

    Thank you to everyone who commented here and over on Melissa's blog. It was so interesting reading all the varied viewpoints. While I'm not likely to change my opinion about taking my daughter to spa while she's young, I may look into getting a massage for myself!  

  5. # Blogger Laura McIntyre

    Well have never heard this before but i guess it could be fun with an older child  

  6. # Blogger Marie

    DEFINITELY get yourself a massage!

    I have an excellent masseuse for you to call. I've been to a few & she's the BEST I've been to.  

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