Most Days Anyway

Isabella had her 1 year checkup last week, and she's grown quite a bit from her 9 month checkup.

She's 30 inches long (75th percentile), her ginormous cranium is now tipping the scales at a whopping 47cm (moving her up to the 90th percentile) and most exciting of all, she weighs 20 pounds, and 1/2 an ounce, putting her in the 50th percentile. To this point, she's hovered between the 15th and the 25th percentile for weight, so for her to finally hit the 50th is fantastic. Must be all those Twinkies and Slurpees I've been feeding her.

In addition to her physical (knee caps still present, by the way), she had to have her blood drawn to check for anemia and lead (this is a standard blood test in my state). If you've never taken your baby for a blood test before, let me advise you to bring another adult with you. A friend who had just taken her 1 year old for a blood test gave me this advice, and so I brought my great aunt with me, not for moral support, but to pin down my poor, flailing daughter as the phlebotomist gave her a fingerstick (no tears!) and then pushed enough blood to the tip of her finger to fill two vials (complete screaming meltdown). If my aunt hadn't been there to hold her arm during this process, I'm certain Isabella would have cold-cocked the very kind and gently phlebotomist who I'm sure doesn't derive much enjoyment from making babies cry.

Surprisingly, this tiny fingerstick produced enough blood on the bandage Isabella was supposed to wear for the rest of the day to give the appearance that my daughter had knawed off the tip of her finger rather than received a small pinprick hole for bloodwork purposes. It was so grotesque-looking I almost couldn't look at it, and attempted to cover it up with another bandage, which didn't work so well.

And needless to say, following her afternoon nap, I found the bandage chucked onto the floor of her room. Apparently, Isabella couldn't stand to look at it either.

8 Responses to “Most Days Anyway”

  1. # Anonymous Melissa Garrett

    When Bridget had her first-year appointment and had the finger prick, it bled for TWO hours ALL over the place. She was so upset that the blood wouldn't clot. We went through TONS of gauze and bandages, but nothing would make it stop. We were both covered in blood. I swear it looked as though someone had amputated a limb. Thankfully, her 2-year appointment went much better ;-)  

  2. # Anonymous Shannon

    My mom still tells the famous family story about when I was three years old and had to go in for an immunization--it took 2 doctors and FOUR nurses to hold me down. Me, a toddler! I'm oddly proud of that! I have no memory of this incident, but from the age of five on, I've had no fear of needles at all. I recall getting a Swine Flu shot and being all blase about it.  

  3. # Blogger Shannon

    Lore's didn't even last an hour after leaving the doc office... 2 bandaids on that finger and she tossed it at me in the car like take that BEEP... man she was ticked off at me lol...  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    Oh the needles & shots!!

    The good news is that after the 18-month checkup, they don't need any shots til kindergarten! (well, except for flu shots if you go for them. they don't seem as traumatic though)  

  5. # Blogger Damselfly

    Worth every penny, hee hee! I love that she tossed the bandage. What a big girl you have!  

  6. # Blogger Kristi

    Melissa-Two hours?? Wow-I would have completely freaked out under those circumstances.

    Shannon-LOL. I totally needed to read that story. Bravo!

    Shannon-yeah, it's a bit unrealistic to think a bandage will stay on a 1-year-old's finger for any length of time.

    Marie-Something to definitely look forward to!

    Damselfly- She's a fiesty one, alright. ;)  

  7. # Anonymous sher

    Oh--great empathy about the whole finger stick. But--I'm glad to see that twinkie and slurpee diet has paid off, and that the kneecaps are still in place!  

  8. # Blogger JaG

    I was just reading your 100 things list from 2005(was looking for lists to see what other people wrote on them) and it said you wanted a baby. How nice to come to your current page and see that you have one!!

    Made me smile!! You're very lucky.  

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