How to Live (and Jog) in a Liberal Enclave

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, around 8am, you'll find me on a 4-5 mile run around my town. I run on weekdays too, but those runs are often done on the treadmill in my basement, which I enjoy a whole lot less than my outdoor runs. Running is a huge part of my life, and most days, I love it. I'm loving it a whole lot less in the last week, though, because the inside back of my left sneaker has worn through and there's plastic poking my ankle. I've taken to taping a cotton ball in there to give the blister I have on my ankle a little relief. I need new running shoes, but I'm trying to do without for now, since money will soon be in short supply with me leaving my job. But that's a story for another post.

The town I live in is the only Democratic town in the entire medium-size city I live in. Other than the city itself, my little town is the only one that is run by Democratic leaders who have been re-elected year after year for quite some time. Our town center, a busy area with many stores, restaurants and schools, is often the site of both rallies for peace and demonstrations supporting gay marriage attended by people from every walk of life, from babies in carriers on their parents' backs to high school students, to empty nesters, to grandmas. And since I travel through this area often, I'm always one to honk my horn in support. These are my people, after all.

Running through my town isn't necessarily exciting (although there was that time I saw someone dumping his trash in his neighbor's garbage cans in the pre-dawn hours), but it is gratifying. Because this is what I see while pounding the pavement each weekend morning.

Imagine. You can support our brave men and women in Iraq by not wanting them to lose their lives for a war we never should have started in the first place.

This sign has been on my neighbor's lawn for over a year. And according to this, as of July, 45% of Americans favor impeaching W. Count me in.

This sign hangs along the roofline of a Unitarian church down the road from my house. It used to hang a lot lower. About six months ago, some psycho tore it down, so they moved it up higher on the building. When they did, they also added spotlights to illuminate the sign at night. Amen to that.

I don't see signs like these anywhere else even remotely close to where I live. Because while downstate New York is liberal, upstate is decidedly not. So while I'd rather be running in Central Park any day of the week, I'll stay in my blue heaven as long as I can.

507 days and counting.

5 Responses to “How to Live (and Jog) in a Liberal Enclave”

  1. # Anonymous Melissa Garrett

    I was thinking your town sounds a lot like my town of Ithaca and just about blew a gasket when I read you live Upstate, too. I'm not sure if I new that or not!  

  2. # Anonymous Lisanne

    I thought that pretty much *all* of New York State was Democratic? Sure shows how much I know about politics! Basically everyone in Indiana is Republican, hehe :) I absolutely *adore* that last sign. I'd put that in my front yard in a heartbeat. Oh, and I can't believe that you go running so much! Wow ~ that's amazing! I always get *so* out of breath when I run. I don't have much lung capacity, evidently. :(  

  3. # Blogger Kristi

    I love Ithaca. I haven't been there in a few years, but you're lucky to live there!

    Lisanne-No, unfortunately the upstate region of NY is pretty firmly Republican, and downstate is Democratic. Because the population down there is so dense, NY is still considered a "blue" state.

    I didn't have much lung capacity when I started running either. It develops over time.  

  4. # Blogger Binulatti

    A freakin men to that. I am lucky have a similar political landscape to jog through in my hood. Which - given Seattle on the whole being a bubble of progressiveness is not that surprising.

    Big props for running with your camera too!  

  5. # Blogger anne

    You should also tell the world this factoid (which I only learned when I first moved here 3 years ago) - "upstate NY" is essentially anything that isn't NYC or Westchester county. That always makes me laugh for some reason. Growing up, I always thought "upstate" meant, like, the far north and possibly out west. Not so!

    Also - I envy you your running. I think that my running days are truly over for good. I never thought that would happen to me. I still haven't really gotten it through my head; running has been such a part of my identity for so long. Good for you for pounding the pavement! Wish I was out there with you.  

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