Five Signs That Summer Is Upon Us

1. Snowbirds return from Florida and open their pools up north.

(This is my pool cover. And those creatures swimming on top of my pool cover amidst the leaves the husband ought to have cleared off in the fall? Those would be ducks.)

2. Meditation, usually performed fully clothed, must now be performed naked to ensure optimum communion with one's inner spirit.

3. Children everywhere begin their summer reading lists.

4. The shades go on when the sun goes down.

5. And finally, summer means donning your bling and your big, florescent pink, waterproof, SPF- 50-built-in hat and hitting the beach, ya'll.

9 Responses to “Five Signs That Summer Is Upon Us”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Is she wearing a necklace??!! How cute is that. I need an SPF 50 hat myself... my neck got fried yesterday!!

    Tooooooo cute.  

  2. # Blogger Editorgirl

    Kristi - tell me please - do they make the big, pink, waterproof, SPF 50 built in hat for us? Man I could use one of those!

    P.S. - LOVE the picture of the ducks swimming in the pool cover - that's classic!  

  3. # Blogger kenju

    How precious she is! I love the last pic especially.

    We opened our pool last week, but it was extremely green with algae. Unbeknownst tp us, there were holes in the cover, due to squirrel's claws.  

  4. # Blogger anne

    She is unbelievably lovely, Kristi. Such cuteness!

    Also - the ducks are killing me. Especially the fact that the female is tipped over looking for food! Ha.

    Ahem. Summer is here in the Hudson Valley - has it arrived where you are?  

  5. # Blogger Damselfly

    I'm not sure which I love more -- the amazing photos of your little girl, or the ducks swimming on top of your pool!  

  6. # Blogger The Princess

    Oh yes, the ducks. They sleep on our pool also. Poor things will be so disappointed when we actually figure out how to open the darn thing up and fill it with chemicals!  

  7. # Blogger l

    Can you send some of that summer weather out west? It's been raining all day, and not the warm, rolling thunderstormy kind. More like the cold, pelting kind. 54 degrees right now. Bleh.  

  8. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-My mom brought her all this old coustume jewelry (I think it may have belonged to either me or my sister when we were young). Isabella's more interested in eating it than wearing it!

    Liz-LOL. My aunt bought her the hat from this company called Coolibar. I bet they do make them for adults.

    Kenju-Oh, that stinks. Bad squirrels.

    Anne-It definitely has!


    Princess- I know. I felt pretty badly about having to take away their private pond.

    L-Coming your way. We've had several days of sweltering weather, and I'm just about done with it.  

  9. # Blogger sher

    I live for those pictures of Isabella. And how adorable is that picture with the hat???  

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