Mother's Day 2007

In the past, Mother's Day has always been a day for me to honor the many "mothers" I have in my life. There's my mom, of course, and there's my grandma. But there's also my great aunt (she of the weekly Sunday dinners and a never-ending supply of generosity) who also happens to be my Godmother, and my two aunts, my mother's sisters, who each fill a "mother-like" role in my life, in one way or the other.

Mother's Day has also meant a whole lot of work for me, because for the last six years, I've hosted a brunch at my house for my extended family-anywhere from 10-12 people, depending on who shows up. This year, I still hosted the brunch, but I accepted some help from my mother (which I hadn't in the past) because of the Isabella factor. But unlike years past, not only was I doing the honoring, but my family honored me as well. This year for the first time, I'm a mother too.

The day started bright and early, as all days with an 8-month old do. We went downstairs and Isabella proceeded to read me my card from her, because mommy hadn't yet entered the world of the half-caffeinated yet.

My dear sweet daughter stole her father's plastic and purchased for me this book, and a digital photo frame, which is way cool.

Then it was time to get dressed. And even though I was going no further than the confines of my own living quarters, I decided to get my fash-on, and wear the dress and necklace I bought as part of my What Not To Wear Birthday Intervention. 'Cause if I didn't, they would likely be eaten through by moths in the back of my closet before this working from home, see-no-people-except-mailman-and-Target-cashier recluse had an occasion to put them on.

Oh, and I decided to dress Isabella like a British schoolboy for the day. Spot o' tea, mate?

I made Paula Deen's "Grandmother Paul's Sour Cream Pound Cake" for dessert. If there's something wrong with a dessert with six eggs and a half pound of butter in it, then I don't want to be right.

Isabella had Cheerios for the first time, and was even given two Cheerios books (yes, there are such books) to help to teach her how to count.

I say it's never too early to help kids prepare for college, so here she is practicing her "double-fisting it" move.

And after feeding herself (woot!) several thousand, she stopped to contemplate Stephen Hawking's theory on sub-atomic particles.

The day ended as most do in my house...

with a little hammock swinging (clothed, this time)...

followed by my 77 year old grandma doing a little Dance Dance Revolution in my basement.

Good times.

11 Responses to “Mother's Day 2007”

  1. # Blogger kenju

    Kristi, you are too funny! I love the last pic of Isabella; her smile is so cute. You both look very nice all dressed up and the cake would be all gone by now, I assume?  

  2. # Blogger l

    Are dance genes inherited from the mother's side? If so, Isabella's set!  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    You guys have DDR?!?! Why didn't I know this!? How fun!

    Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day... and that pound cake sounds seriously sinful and incredible!

    You and Isabella both look beautiful.  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    Oh DDR, I did tell you how Anthony wooed me to his house the first night we met with the mention of DDR. Giant geeks, that's what we are.  

  5. # Blogger Editorgirl

    Looks like you had the perfect Mother's Day Kristi! And I love the dress on you - it loooks amazing. Be well.  

  6. # Blogger M

    Precious! :)  

  7. # Anonymous Lisanne

    HAHA! :) Happy first Mother's Day! I found your blog through my friend Shannon's. I remember how exciting and surreal it was to celebrate my first Mother's Day. It was *such* a special and neat feeling! I couldn't believe that *I* could now celebrate, too! :) And from three years of Mother's Day experience, I can say that every year is *so* incredibly wonderful and special. I'm adding you to my list of links!  

  8. # Blogger sunShine

    Those are the cutest pictures. I love the one of your Grandma doing Dance Revolution. Happy first Mother's Day nearly a week late!  

  9. # Blogger Kristi

    Kenju-Oh yes, that cake was eaten quite quickly. I polished off what was left immediately after the fam left!

    L-Oh dear God, I hope not. Although Karrie isn't too bad.

    Marie-"We" don't have DDR. Rich has it, bought on impulse when he mistakenly believed it would help him get some exercise. I think he's actually used it twice, and we've had it for six months.

    Christine-I remember reading about that on your blog. And geeks we are not. DDR rocks.

    Liz and Michelle-Thank you!

    Lisanne-Thanks for stopping by! You're right, celebrating a first Mother's Day is an amazing experience. I enjoyed every bit of the day, and I hope you did too.


  10. # Blogger sher

    Well, this is weird! I live for the pictures of you and Isabella--so how did I miss this post? Happy Mom's Day. I always feel so happy for you when I see you and lovely Bella. And that cake? Fabulous!  

  11. # Blogger anne

    (way belated) Happy Mother's day! Those photos are wonderful. I especially love the one of you holding Isabella by the mantel - such a great dress, and such a lovely baby! And a lovely you, too.

    She's getting so big, it's hard to believe. What a doll.

    I'm glad you had a good mother's day - you have certainly earned it!  

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