Fashion Fright Friday: Run for the Hills, It's Swimsuit Season! Edition

Before this week, I have had the same swimsuit since Reagan was in office (shudder). I kid, of course, but let's just say the suit is at least 7-8 years old, and leave it at that.

Now, at the time I bought it, I was wearing a larger size. However, when I lost some weight and bought some new clothes, I did not include amongst my purchases a new swimsuit.

You see, I (like many, I would imagine) hate swimsuits because it's been my experience that no matter what my size, it is impossible to find one to both flatter my body type, and to hide my surgery scars, of which there are many.

So I held tight to the hideous suit, and wore it for many a summer, even when it no longer fit. I was even able to wear it last summer, when I was as big as a house. Much like the "magically expanding shirt" I wore for all the "belly shots" while pregnant, this bathing suit saw me through the entire summer of the Beastie pregnancy.

Clearly the suit must be made of tire rubber.

This year, though, I decided to break down and buy a new suit. I bought this top, and this bottom. The description for the bottom says, "Oh, how those ribs slim you!"

Let's hope so.

Here's how it looks on my personalized virtual model, who other than her small boobs, sculpted arms, and tiny waist, hips, and thighs, looks exactly like me.
My old suit needs a resting place deserving of its years of durable service. Perhaps I'll send it here. Because much like this plan, obviously designed by Mensa members, this suit was a very, very bad idea indeed.

9 Responses to “Fashion Fright Friday: Run for the Hills, It's Swimsuit Season! Edition”

  1. # Blogger Editorgirl

    Ah dreaded swimsuit season. I have to tell you though. I LOVE the suit you picked out - very nice and the pieces look very flattering I may be compelled to get one myself! Hope it warms up enough to wear it. It's been freezing here in Mass. all week. I'm hoping for heat and sunshine tomorrow - planning on heading to the beach. Enjoy your weekend!  

  2. # Blogger Ramona

    Have fun in the sun in your new bathing suit! I hope it makes you happy not nearly as long tho!  

  3. # Blogger kenju

    I like the new suit. I dread buying them too; those store mirrors always make me look fatter than I am.....LOL  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    Very cute! I love swimming but hate shopping for suits. I'm impressed that your old suit lasted so long. I go to the highly chlorinated YMCA pool and go through a couple suits per year!  

  5. # Blogger Marie

    ps -- can't wait to see what Isabella's sporting pool-side!  

  6. # Blogger Shannon

    I love the new suit that you got... I love Lands end stuff... really love their shoes... they rock!  

  7. # Blogger Damselfly

    You're going to turn your old swimsuit into a coral reef?! hahaha

    Your virtual model looks like she really needs a vacation.... ;)  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey, you! In my hiatus I have missed this whole you-had-a-baby thing...being MIA sucks!!! I will be reading to catch up...I'm back at my old good to read you!!! Much peace to you!!!  

  9. # Blogger sher

    LOL!! Boy, that new swimsuit is fabulous. You'll knock them dead at the beach.

    I think shopping for a swimsuit is designed to break us mentally and emotionally. You're never the same after the first time you do it.  

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