Easter or Christmas?

The high temperature here in upstate New York yesterday was 34 degrees. On Christmas Day, it was 49. Easter morning, we had snow on the ground and snow in the air. And Isabella's first Easter was more like Christmas for her inside as well.

As the first grandchild in my family, I grew up spoiled. Every holiday was an occasion for which I was showered with gifts, completely excessive and ridiculous at times, but of course, as a kid, I thought it was fantastic. Bring on the swag, I said!

According to my mother and grandma, I was not a spoiled brat, however.

As the first great-grandchild, and the first baby in my family in over 15 years, Isabella is getting the same pampered treatment. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the child is a rockstar in my family. The hubs and I? We no longer exist when we walk into one of my family members' houses with Isabella. We're simply her handlers. And of course, that's the way it should be.

But the gifts. Good God, the gifts. Her Easter was reminiscent of Christmas.

Here's what she was given.

A chicken stuffed animal
Two baby chick stuffed animals that squeek when you squeeze them
Two stuffed bunnies
Five Easter baskets
Six books
A ladybug flag
A ladybug bathing suit with matching sandals
Four summer outfits
A chewable rattle
A stacking toy
And over $50 in cash.

Here she is surrounded by a portion (yes, only a portion) of her Easter gifts.

Her first birthday is a little over four months away. Think I should just rent the U-Haul now?

16 Responses to “Easter or Christmas?”

  1. # Blogger My Wombinations

    She is SO cute. And you are very lucky to have such a doting family. Must be nice!  

  2. # Blogger kenju

    I can understand that. When you have a baby as cute as she is - everyone wants to give her stuff!  

  3. # Blogger ThePapaDog

    The best thing about it is that you can hide stuff now and bring it back a year later and she'll have no idea...  

  4. # Blogger Thalia

    She looks so fabulous in that dress that I can only imagine that as soon as you walk into her aura you are overcome with a need to buy her presents.

    And yes, the u-haul for the birthday sounds like it will be a necessary and prudent move!  

  5. # Blogger Beagle

    What a lucky girl!!

    And CUTE! My god, she's cute!  

  6. # Anonymous MissMeliss

    What an adorable child!

    Also - it was snowing in Dallas on Saturday.  

  7. # Blogger Marie

    I think you should build an addition on to your house!! LOL. FIVE Easter baskets!? WOW. Quite a haul. Isabella's dress is absolutely adorable. She looks so cute!!! I have to admit, it is fun to buy for the wee ones!  

  8. # Blogger Editorgirl

    Forget the Uhaul - I think you might need a storage unit. That's a lot of loot for such a little girl. What a fun Easter!

    I feel your pain about the weather. It's been 40s here in Boston for two weeks now and this morning they said we should expect 8 inches of snow on Thursday. Shoot me now!

    P.S. She is absolutely beautiful in her Easter dress. Love it!  

  9. # Anonymous sher

    Look at that dress!!! It's fabulous! Of course she gets all those gifts--she deserves it. :):) She is so beautiful, Kristi. I keep thinking about when you were pregnant with Beastie. I'm looking forward to years and years of Isabella's story. :)  

  10. # Blogger l

    Whoa. Are there plans to build onto your house to store all that loot?  

  11. # Blogger Damselfly

    Oh, she looks like a little meringue confection in that dress! How sweet. My boy got lots of Easter gifts, too, but didn't clean up quite as well as your baby! ;)  

  12. # Blogger Shannon

    omg rent the uhaul lol... and make her birthday a 3 day affair... so you get more stuff lol...

    Love that dress she has on... but we had snow here in PA too... that is just nuts... and crazy! lol... but I am glad you all had a great weekend!  

  13. # Blogger sunShine

    SHe is just beautiful. She is getting so big. My hubby's family is that way with our children. They got more for Easter than some children get for Christmas. Yes go ahead and reserve the UHaul for her birthday.

    It was 70 degrees here on Christmas and about 55 for Easter. What is the deal with that?  

  14. # Blogger Ramona

    She looks cute as a bunny in amongst her stash! Adorable! Love her little hat.  

  15. # Blogger Shokufeh

    So. Cute.
    Now might be the time to invest in a PODS for her loot. I foresee a lack of space in your future.  

  16. # Blogger anne

    She is just adorable. The eyes, the munchable cheeks.... so cute! I can understand her rock star status.  

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