A "Wickedly" Good Time

I'm back from New York. We had a great time, with too many interesting experiences to recount in one post, so I'm going to divide them up into several this week.

On tap for today:
An update on the covert fertility drug smuggling mission
Food experiences: Friday, part 1

If you read this post, then you know how worried I was about getting my fertility drugs and needles inspected by security without my great aunt and uncle seeing what was going on. I planned on having them go ahead of me in line, and then having my husband usher them away from me. Well, not only did circumstances allow me to escape to the security checkpoint all by myself, but the TSA inspectors also didn't even open my bag after it was scanned!

The four of us checked in, and my husband and I only brought a carry-on stuffed with our clothes, and my bag, which contained the drugs and a book. My aunt and uncle had luggage they needed to check. So, following check-in, the two of them had to stand in another line where inspectors opened their checked luggage and searched it. My husband and I didn't have to go through this, since our carry-on luggage would go through the scanner at the security checkpoint. So, while my aunt and uncle waited in their line, I told them I had to use the bathroom, took off by myself, and went through the security checkpoint. I had my letter from my doctor out and ready, since I anticipated them seeing the needles on the screen once my bag was inside the scanning machine. So I waited, hoping and praying that my husband, aunt, and uncle wouldn't get in the line and see what was about to happen.

And then...nothing. My bag came out the other end of the machine, no one asked to inspect it, so I picked it up (along with what seemed like my entire wardrobe for the day-they make you practically strip down to your birthday suit before walking through the metal detectors nowadays), and walked to my plane's gate to wait for them. It was that easy! Apparently, one can bring needles on-board an airplane without security personnel blinking an eye. Good to know.

So...food experiences. We basically ate our way through the entire weekend. I believe I gained at least five pounds in three days! But it was so, so worth it.

On Friday for lunch, we ate at Tavern on the Green in the the Terrace Room. This picture doesn't do the room justice. It was absolutely beautiful, filled with at least seven crystal chandeliers, white linen tableclothes, and absolutely gorgeous floral displays. This was by far the most fancy restaurant I've ever eaten in. We had both a waiter and a table captain. The menu contained no prices. Every member of the wait staff was impeccably dressed in Tiffany's-blue coats and white pants. I felt a little like a child at a very fancy tea party. And I would have felt even more out of place if the room hadn't been filled with tourists, many of whom had behavior and dress that fell into the "ugly American" category, but I'll explain that later in the week.

We all ordered sandwiches for our meals, all of which were excellent. My aunt and uncle very generously picked up the tab, which was...substantial. But it was an incredible experience that was not as much about the food, but about the entire dining experience as a whole.

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Chelsea Market. It was this vast indoor one-floor market featuring not only storefronts, but also back room kitchens where you could see bakers hard at work preparing all sorts of yummy treats. Most of the stores themselves were tiny, as the majority of each's space was reserved for the kitchens. Especially tiny was FatWitch Bakery. If I didn't know the place sold excellent brownies (which I didn't try because all the varieties had chocolate in them. I know! I know!), then I would have passed it right by, the storefront was so small.

I did, however, "try" a small round sourdough loaf from Amy's Bread. And "try" doesn't quite cover it because I ended up finishing the whole thing, all by myself, by the end of the day. Put a loaf of fresh bread in front of me, and you can pretty much guarantee it will be eaten, in its entirety, in the short term. It was worth every bite though.

My overall impression of Chelsea Market was that I was a little disappointed. I expected bigger storefronts with more variety to choose from. It was also smaller than I expected as well. I did buy two packages of Italian cookies and vanilla paste (which I have been unable to find anywhere in my town) at Buon Italia, an Italian import store, so that was a find for me. I'm glad I went though. The bread alone was worth the trip.

This post is already way longer than anticipated. Congratulations if you read this far! Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of Friday's food experiences, including my trip to Magnolia's Bakery and the late-night Ray's pizza experience, as well as an on-street celebrity sighting, my reviews of Wicked and The Producers, and Saturday's visit to Little Italy. And...writing this blog has inspired me to get my photos developed ASAP, so I'll have some pictures up hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday.

6 Responses to “A "Wickedly" Good Time”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    woo hoo! Pictures! Pictures! Sounds like a fab weekend, Kristi. You had perfect weather too.

    Um, aren't brownies called brownies because they're brown? hence the chocolate? Did you bring back any for your chocolate fiend friends??!  

  2. # Blogger Dawn

    I can't wait for the pictures! This sounded like a good time. That restaurant MUST be expensive. Jeesh..no prices on the menu - that just scares me! I love good sourdough bread. I could definitely eat that by myself too. Sounds like a fun time.  

  3. # Blogger Amy

    Oh, yeah, that sourdough sounds fabulous. I've got to get my starter um, started. :)  

  4. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-LOL. Actually, FatWitch sells blondies too, but unfortunately for me, they had chocolate chips in them.

    SoCal-Tavern was beautiful, but yeah, very expensive. But, you were paying for not only the food, but the experience and the ambiance of the place as well. At least that's how I justified the prices!

    Amy-the sourdough was awesome. Almost as good as some I've had in San Francisco. I want to try and make my own someday.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous
  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

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