Bad Behavior Knows No Income Bracket

I usually go for my run in the evening after work. But since I have a late meeting today, I decided to go early this morning. Part of my normal route takes me into a very nice neighborhood about two miles away from my own. It is full of beautiful old houses situated on wide, tree-lined streets adorned with old-fashioned street lamps. It's truly a gorgeous neighborhood, and one of the most expensive areas to live in my town.

It was still dark out as I was jogging down one of the roads in this neighborhood. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a car slowly pulling out of its driveway down one of the side streets that run parallel to the one I was jogging on. I reached the end of the road, turned around, and headed back the way I had just come. By this time, this car, which I now noted to be a shiny, black Lincoln, had pulled onto the street I was jogging on, and was driving slowly ahead of me, but far enough away that I wasn't afraid I was about to be beat up and left for dead along the side of the road.

That's when the car stopped dead center in the middle of the road. The man in the driver's seat got out, opened his back driver's-side door, and took out a bag of garbage, and dumped it in his neighbor's green garbage tote, which was set out on the curb for pickup! I couldn't believe what I had seen! This man was driving a Lincoln! He lives in a house that probably costs close to half a million dollars. And he's dumping his garbage illegally in his neighbor's tote because presumably he doesn't want to pay the, what, $50 a month garbage pickup costs?

I tried to think of other possible explanations for this, and came up with nothing. Now I think I've seen it all.

7 Responses to “Bad Behavior Knows No Income Bracket”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Hmm. Maybe he missed his pick-up time? and is going out of town? so he wants to get rid of his stuff? Who knows!

    You know, Chris would ask if you're carrying pepper spray on your runs... ;-) Yes, I live with the safety police.  

  2. # Blogger Dawn

    He was dumping his ex-girlfriend's body. Ok, ok, I watch too much CSI, Nip Tuck and Law and Order. But you never know.


  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    El Cheapo! What was he thinking?~
    I hope he realized that he got caught!  

  4. # Blogger Amy

    Oh, I actually have another scenario because it happened to me recently, LOL. Maybe he was moving out of town,had closed up his house and stopped his garbage pickup BUT he had one more bag of stuff he collected from his final walkthrough before he left town with a realtor's lockbox on his house. He couldn't leave the garbage in the can because he no longer had pick-up service and didn't want to turn off potential buyers.

    I swear I had this exact dilemna a month ago. What did we do? Asked our neighbor if we could throw the bag in one of his cans. :) Maybe he's not on good terms with his soon-to-be ex-neighbors.  

  5. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-Well, it was really early. The garbage trucks weren't even making their rounds yet, so I doubt he missed it. Chris is right. I should carry mace. But I don't.

    SoCal Foodie: LOL. Good one. Anything is possible!

    Ramona-I hope so too, but then again, I'm sure he saw me running, so I don't think he cared.

    Amy-I never would have thought of that! You're very polite to ask your neighbors. I doubt many others would so that, and would just dump their stuff when no one was looking.  

  6. # Blogger Alisha

    Ok, I am the girl who has had to take her garbage (more times than I care to admit) to the Wal-Mart dumpster at midnight because I missed trash day! Some of my former neighbors actually started taking my can to the road for me!!!  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

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