Seattle Musings

I'm back from Seattle. We returned late Monday night from a really nice visit with my sister, whom I already miss so much. I had visited Seattle twice before, but this trip made me realize why she loves it there so much. It's truly a beautiful, progressive, hip, and yet small and manageable city. The buses are clean and convenient. You can walk around the city and see a lot of what it has to offer in one day. It has tons of cool and unique bars and restaurants. And perhaps most importantly, it's the home of the very first Starbucks, which we visited. :).

I went shopping with my sister on Sunday. As a buyer's assistant for Nordstrom, she has developed very expensive taste in clothes. This is something I do not share. Amongst other far less expensive purchases, she convinced me to buy my first pair of desinger jeans. I cannot believe what I spent on them. Let's just say it was a lot. I was convinced I wouldn't know the difference between the designer jeans and the Gap or Old Navy jeans I usually buy. I put on the desinger jeans, and I have to admit, there is a difference. The fit was incredible, the denim was really soft, and I really liked the way they looked. Of course, designer jeans come in only one length-Leggy Supermodel-so I have to get about 12 inches hemmed off the bottom before I can wear them.

Another memorable event from the trip was a run we took around a park near her house on Sunday morning. It was a nice, crisp, fall-like morning. We ran to this park, in which sits a reservoir, with a paved car route encircling it. We were jogging around the loop, and I noticed at least a dozen cars parked inside the circle, each with a man sitting alone in the driver's seat, either sipping his morning coffee or reading the newspaper. I asked my sister what they were doing. Apparently, the park was a place where men would come and park and wait...for other men. Occasionally, we'd see another man approach a car, get in, and the two would drive off.

This scenario just struck me as incredibly sad. These men, instead of being able to be gay and out, had to resort to sitting in their parked cars on a Sunday morning, looking to hook up. Society and the "moral majority" which seems to have a stranglehold on this country at the present time, has driven them underground. Now, this isn't to say there haven't been repressed gays prior to 2004 and the second reign of W. Gay men and women have experienced fear and self-loathing over their sexual orientation for centuries. But in a world seemingly hijacked by the Christian right, where anti-gay marriage bills are rampant, and where to be anything other than "straight and narrow" is seen as "anti-family" and "unAmerican," this scene played out in a park in liberal Seattle seemed all the more desperate and depressing.

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  1. # Blogger Amy

    Welcome back! Sounds like an amazing trip--I am waiting and waiting and waiting for the fall weather to come! I've always thought Seattle could be somewhere I'd end up--when my children are older, that is--for just the reasons you mentioned.

    What I have never understand is the extreme right-wingers' opposition to gay marriage. Up until about 100 years ago, marriage was a contract having to do with property and practicallity and sometimes politics. Marrying for love is a relatively new idea. So it makes no sense to me for conservatives to get so up in arms about an institution that has traditionally had more to do with property than with love and sex.  

  2. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Sounds like you had a great time...welcome back!  

  3. # Blogger farmgirl

    Kross-eyed kitty said just what I was going to--so please re-read her comment and insert my name! : )  

  4. # Blogger Kristi

    Amy-Seattle is awesome. I can totally understand why anyone would want to live there. Regarding gay marriage, I'm so with you. Plain and simple, it's about civil and legal rights. There are over 1200 rights and legal protections that aren't available to gay couples, simply because they're not legally married. It's insane.

    Kross-Eyed and FarmGirl-Thanks! It's good to be back, but I miss my sister. :(  

  5. # Blogger kitchenmage

    Where is Volunteer Park, Alex? evilGrin

    As for the stupidity that leads people to lives of such quiet desperation: I can't believe we're still discussing this in 2005. As if we weren't talking about humans, who should have all the same rights as other humans. What part of "created equal" says "except"?  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous
  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

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