Friday Photos and Weekend Baking

As promised, here are the photos I took of the bread I made last weekend. The quality of the photos isn't great, given that I scanned them into my computer, but you can still see what the loaves looked like. The bread tasted great for a first effort, but it didn't come close to FarmGirl's beautiful bread. For an amazing picture of her bread, go here.

This weekend is a busy one. We have a rehearsal dinner to go to tonight and a wedding to go to tomorrow. Tomorrow before the 4pm wedding, though, I'm going to try two recipes from Nic over at Baking Sheet: Sour Cream Tea Bread and Almond Yogurt Cake. And if I have time, I want to give these Butterless, Flourless Cookies from Amy over at Beauty Joy Food a try (minus the chocolate, which she assures me will work!). Yummy and healthy!

Wish me luck!

15 Responses to “Friday Photos and Weekend Baking”

  1. # Blogger Clare Eats

    Your going to have a great weekend! *grin*  

  2. # Blogger Amy

    Hmmmm. Is this turning into a food blog? Come join us, Kristi--we'd love to have you!! Oh, and your loaves look great--they are a little short but MY first efforts didn't look half as good. Great job!  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Mmmm! The bread looks delish, Kristi! And the things you're making this weekend sound fabulous!! You need one of those white chef hats now... Have fun!  

  4. # Blogger CAL

    Lucky for me I happen to have all the ingredients to make the Sour Cream Tea Bread *and* the Almond Yogurt Cake. (Yes, I even have the plain, non-fat yogurt on hand.) I think I'll be giving one a try too.  

  5. # Blogger Kristi

    Clare-thanks for stopping by again. I can't wait until the weekend here!

    Amy-Oh, definitely not! I am a novice baker at best. I just enjoy doing it on the weekends. Compared to you and FarmGirl and Clare, my kitchen putterings are kids stuff.

    Marie-thanks. I'll let you know how they turn out.

    WL- Mine will turn out better than yours. Guaranteed. ;)  

  6. # Blogger Amy

    Oh, but Kristi that's how it all started.....  

  7. # Anonymous Ramona

    I'm just geting updated today on everyone's blogpostings. So, I'm responding to your July 26th entry re: the vet. First of all, Man! you are so lucky that your vet makes housecalls! How great is that?! chubby tabby desperately needs her teeth cleaned too, but I've been putting it off for ages now. Not so much because I'm worried about the anaesthetic, but it'll cost me nearly $800! I'm feeling very guilty about this, and I know I'll eventually cave and let VISA pay for it. In the meantime, I'll have to put up with her icky halitosis!
    From halitosis on to bread...I think your loaves look very tasty, and I am very impressed with your first effort! Congratulations.  

  8. # Blogger Clare Eats

    You should feed your cat hunks of raw meat! it cleans there teeth  

  9. # Blogger Carl V.

    Oh my gosh that looks delicious! Bread is one of those items that I just absolutely could not do without. I could never go on one of those diets that took bread away from me.  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Ramona- $800 for a kitty teeth-cleaning? Wow-that's insane. Why so much?

    Clare-interesting tip. I wonder why that works?

    Carl-Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, no way could I go without bread. Atkins or South Beach and I would not get along!  

  11. # Blogger puremood

    Yummy, that bread looks great. I could eat fresh baked bread all the time!  

  12. # Blogger farmgirl

    Hi Kristi,
    I apologize for not popping over here sooner to see your bread. It looks great! Especially since it was your very first attempt! *applause applause* : )

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my bread--and the link! You are really sweet. Actually, right now I am supposed to be taking pictures of some sourdough onion rye I baked this afternoon. . . can you tell I'm procrastinating? We'll see if I get any photos. In the meantime, keep up the good work. The best thing you can do is practice, practice, practice! Yum!  

  13. # Blogger Kevin Jackson

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