Seattle Bound

Tomorrow morning I'm off to visit my sister in Seattle. You may recall that she had recently visited me, so it hasn't been that long since I last saw her. Usually, though, I see my sister only twice a year-once during the summer and once at Christmas. I've been out to see her in Seattle twice before, but not in the last two-three years. So seeing her again so soon is a bonus for me. Seattle is a beautiful city and I know why she loves living there. Besides its geographical beauty, there is always something to do there. There are tons of cool resturants and stores. And it's the home of the very first Starbucks! I just wish the city was located 3,000 miles east instead of on the west coast.

My sister is a buyer's assistant for Nordstrom. As a result of working in the fashion industry, she is a total fashionista, and is always dressed really well. All her outfits are complete too-matching shoes, purse, accessories. I'm lucky if I can find two socks that match. I started a new job in February of this year, after having worked at a place where casual dress (jeans, t-shirts) was the norm. I needed a whole new wardrobe for my new gig. My sister sent me a ton of clothes from Nordstrom (she has an amazing discount, and also gets a lot of samples for free) so I would look presentable. If I receive a compliment on something I wear to work, guaranteed it's something she's picked out for me. I have zero fashion sense, and I have no idea what looks good on me. Thankfully, she does.

While in Seattle, she has told me she plans on "dressing me for the fall." Thank God, because while I have a lot of summery skirts and shirts, once the cold settles in (and in upstate NY, it gets COLD), I will have nothing to wear.

So, I will be away from my blog until late next week. When I return, I will be refreshed from a week off of work, and well-dressed to boot. Lucky me.

6 Responses to “Seattle Bound”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Excellent! I need to borrow your sister sometime!

    Have fun on your trip Kristi!!  

  2. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Have a great trip!  

  3. # Anonymous MissMeliss

    Received your package today. Was going to send yours tomorrow (see email), but as you're going to be away, I am holding it til the 29th and then sending it overnight.

    Have a lovely trip!  

  4. # Blogger Amy

    Oh, man. I hate to shop, and jeans, tank tops, and sandals are pretty much my uniform. I hope you appreciate that sister of yours! Have a great trip. :)  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

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