Tagged and Tagging

I've been tagged for the first time. Geekwif tagged me on her site for the following meme. I feel so special! Now, I hope I can follow the meme's directions correctly. It seems complicated. Here it goes:

This meme is a way to introduce others to your blog neighbors, just as you would in real life. I'll answer the questions, and tag four others who frequent my blog to answer the same ones. If I tag you, just copy and paste this meme in your blog, and change the answers for the bolded questions. Then, tag four others to do the same. If I tag you and you don't want to be tagged, it's no big deal.

Here are four people I think may be interested in playing:
Andy from The Waning Liberal
Marie from PractiGal
Ramona from Kross-Eyed Kitty
Guppyman from Guppyman's Rant Zone

Geekwif has also asked that I tag Ty at Tongue Tyed as my fifth person, as she wants to see how far the meme will go.

Here are the questions:

When did you move to the neighborhood?

I've only been blogging for about a month. My degrees are in English Literature, and to my absolute horror, I realized a few months ago that I hadn't done any "creative" writing in years. I work as a technical/marketing writer, and all I've been writing for years are computer training manuals and journals. My friend Marie from PractiGal had started a blog awhile back, and visiting her blog also inspired me to start one of my own. So, I started Interrupted Wanderlust to once again write creatively and to express my thoughts and views.

What region of the neighborhood are you from?

I was born and raised in upstate NY, where I still live today. I lived in London for five months following graduation from college, though. And I absolutely love to travel away from the horribly boring part of NYS I live in whenever possible.

What is your favorite part of our neighborhood?

I love blogging because it's an outlet for me. I used to keep paper diaries and journals, but haven't in years. Blogging seems to be an extension of those handwritten pages. I also love connecting with people who happen upon my blog from all over the world. And I love reading about other people's lives and thoughts on their blogs too.

What is your favorite place to visit 'round these parts?

Andy (over at The Waning Liberal) and I have been friends for years, and we used to have very similar political views. It's interesting to read about his views now, though, because he's seriously lost his mind. I kid because I love! FarmGirl's blog is very cool as well. I love her photos and details about life on the farm. In fact, she even inspired a post I wrote about awhile back. And Amy over at Beauty Joy Food has a fantastic blog as well. She covers two of my all-time favorite things: Food and good writing. Marie's PractiGal blog is always entertaining and very well-written. She makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Where would you suggest someone new to your region should visit?

Hmmm... this is an interesting question, since as you can tell from my words above, I'm not exactly enamored with the place I live. If you were to visit here, though, I'd advise you to head about 45 minutes southeast to the Finger Lakes region of NYS. Smack dab in the center of the state are several beautiful "finger-shaped" bodies of water, most of which are surrounded by award-winning wineries. My husband and I used to stay at a B&B on Seneca Lake several times a year (we even got engaged there) and do a wine tour around the lake over the course of a day or so. Beautiful vineyards, views, and of course delicious wines abound here.

Don't forget, the purpose of this meme is to meet new neighbors, so be sure to check out some of the blogs mentioned here.

11 Responses to “Tagged and Tagging”

  1. # Blogger Amy

    I've been wanting to visit the Finger Lakes region for years! It sounds so amazing. Don't know when I'll get there, but I'm happy to see you recommend it as well.

    I've a had a few friends "lose their mind," politically speaking, as well, LOL. It's such a sad, sad thing to happen.

    Now I'm going to check out Practigal's blog--sounds interesting!  

  2. # Blogger Geekwif

    Thanks for picking this one up from me! I think you're the only one to do so. I'll be visiting your tagged blogs soon!

    I'd love to visit upstate NY sometime, but it is on a very long list of places I'd love to visit. The Finger Lakes region sounds lovely!

    I visited New York once, but only for a weekend and we spent most of our time in NYC. It was fun as a mini vacation, but I certainly wouldn't want to live there. I'm just not a big city girl at heart.  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Oy! I've been tagged... Ok, maybe later...

    Oh, and when you say he's "lost his mind," I think you mean to say that he's "seen the light." I'm sure that was just a typo on your part.
    {BIG GRIN}

    Thanks for the linkage & compliments!  

  4. # Anonymous MissMeliss

    I have never been to upstate NY...someday I must fix this.

    My fairy wish for you is that you continue to exercise your blog voice, because you have relevant and interesting things to say, and the world is a better place for the hearing of them.  

  5. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Thanks for tagging me, it's my first time! You gave me something to think about this morning.  

  6. # Blogger Kristi

    Amy-the Finger Lakes region is beautiful. My city recently launched a fast ferry service in between it and Toronto (via Lake Ontario). I have no idea what Torontonians will do once they hit Rochester, but I know quite a few of them will make their way to the Finger Lakes.

    Geefwif-I'd spend the weekend in NYC too if I was only visiting NYS for a few days. I wouldn't recommend you visit anywhere else first!

    Marie-No pressure! And um...no typo there! :)

    MissMeliss-Thank you! That's a great compliment.

    Kross-Eyed-my pleasure!  

  7. # Blogger farmgirl

    Hi Kristi,
    Great post. Love all the info, and I always enjoy your writing. And thanks so much for mentioning my blog. You are too sweet! : )  

  8. # Anonymous lisa

    Michele sent me. And now you're sending me too. This is what I love about fridays.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous
  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

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