Holiday Photo Shoots From Hell

Every year, it's the same story.

I, having apparently blocked the memories from previous years, attempt to orchestrate group photo shots of the kids dressed in their holiday attire.

The results are never good, I turn into a screeching, manic harpie because ForTheLoveOfGod,WhyCan'tYouJustSmileSoWeCanGetThisOverWith???, and both the hubs and I are left wishing we had a bottle of vodka (each), and some home bar furniture to relax on and drink ourselves stupid.

Our Thanksgiving and holiday photo shoots this year stayed true to form.

The twins were in foul moods on Thanksgiving. Isabella has never liked having her photo taken and resists any and all attempts to take her picture with a level of complaint similar to those about to undergo a root canal. There is whining. There is crying. There is gnashing of teeth.

It is ridiculous.

Our Thanksgiving photos:

After so much success (ha), we broke out the pumpkin muffins I had made earlier in the day. Here, Nicholas decides that one was not enough for him, and storms off set like the diva he is.

And then we decided to just give the kid another damn muffin, because at that point, I was losing my mind.
"Put that mouth near my muffin and you'll receive a swift jab to the ribs, sis."

"Okay, fine. One bite."

I was able to snag two good pictures from 45 minutes of sheer hell.

We fared slightly better for our holiday card shoot. Either that or the heavy drinking I did beforehand has made me forget what it was really like.

And, the only decent shot of all three, which became our card this year.

I would imagine that for most other families, taking photos of your kids is not the horror-movie-esque scene it always is in my house. I imagine the whole process unfolding something like:

Mom or Dad: "Okay, Ben. Time to take the holiday card photo. Go stand by the tree and smile."

Ben: "Okay. Sure!" (Big, Gap-Ad-Worthy Smile Ensues)

Mom or Dad, two seconds later: "Great job, Ben. We're done!"

What do you do to get good holiday pictures of your kids?

10 Responses to “Holiday Photo Shoots From Hell”

  1. # Blogger Jesser

    LOL. Well you did end up with a couple of really cute shots. Haha. We struggle with the same things for sure. I think part of the secret is to have a DSLR and put the sucker in continuous mode so that you can snap fast as can be and get 100 photos so you that you DO get those 2-5 good ones. I am also pretty careful to pick my moments ... for whenever they're in a pretty good mood. But of course that isn't possible if you want to do cute outfits and the like ... that's definitely more planned. But I agree ... bribery is a key. ;)  

  2. # Blogger Jamie

    At this point, the photo shoot has to be on Bo's terms. If we are lucky, we may end up with one good one. It definitely isn't based on my whims or what I want!!

    I love the holiday card photo. They are pretty cute -- even when they are throwing a fit!  

  3. # Blogger Jeni

    Oh no, it is not just you. Our photo shoot this year (done by a professional even) involved a lot of bribing, shrieking, flopping around (by them), silent muttering (by my husband), and a still mostly hilarious picture of chaos. I figure it is at least an accurate picture of our lives.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Holy Shite! Isabella looks just like you in that first pic! Expression is soooo Kristi. She's your mini-me:)KB  

  5. # Blogger Mom24

    Definitely not you. I haven't had a truly decent shot of one child, let alone 3 or 4 of them in I don't know how long. It truly doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?  

  6. # Anonymous Ness at Drovers Run

    I had a Christmas ornament made for the fan-damily in the UK this year, and while I wanted a photo of all 4 of us to go into it - I had to give up and use four separate photos, and then use photoshop to turn it into one cohesive image, which I'm told is now adorning their tree. As for screeching harpie? I see that chick in the mirror *regularly* :)  

  7. # Blogger Melissa

    Hee hee!

    We don't take holiday photos. I always send out a letter and insert individual photos throughout, but never a holiday group shot. My kids are past the crying-during-pictures stage, but they'll stand there like little robots the moment you whip out a camera, or they'll make every weird face known to man. It's just not worth the frustration.  

  8. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Heh! I love Isabella's expression in that first picture. She is so bored with her siblings' crying!

    We couldn't get the boys to look in the same direction at the same time either this year. Never mind also getting them to smile.  

  9. # Blogger Simply-Mel

    Isabellas face in the first two pictures tells the story...."ho hum, can we just be done already??!!"

    It does get easier.

    My kids have learnt that the sooner we get it over with the better. When we arrive at functions/outings etc Rachel will often say

    "Can we pose for pictures now quickly so you dont bug us the whole day? '


    Now my only problem is to get them to lose the cheesy grins!!  

  10. # Blogger Suzanne

    Haha, if only I could show you the picture we ended up getting. I have four sons, two of whom I've mentioned in earlier comments. We decided to get the whole family dressed in Clemson gear for a holiday card. We got two shots before everyone started to squirm and whine. One actually came out well for everyone but son #2 who had his eyes closed. We ended up photo-shopping his eyes from the bad picture into the good picture. I don't think anyone could tell : )  

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