Isabella at 4 Years, 3 Months

Once again, I am late with this update.

My blog is turning into monthly updates on my kids and little else, but my current work schedule is sucking every last second out of my day.
BUT, in a few weeks, I will have a break, and then you can expect daily (no, hourly!) posts from me, full of the social commentary long-time readers are accustomed to reading here.
Okay, maybe I'll start with just a post a week and work my way up from there.
On to things in Isabella-Land.
The four-year-old with the big vocabulary is taking it down a few levels on the respectability scale lately. We have a lot of potty talk going on. She might be picking it up in school (certainly not at home, as our word choices are as lily white as the 17,000 feet of snow in my backyard right now). But seriously, the bodily function talk is annoying, especially coming from a little girl who has been highly verbal since the womb.
Speaking of bodily functions, mamacita bought her Baby Alive for Thanksgiving. She's feeding the doll "peas." Guess what comes out Baby Alive's other end?
Because exactly what I need right now is another behind to wipe.

It's been interesting to watch her inter-personal skills develop over the last few months. She knows what to say and how to say it to get people to do what she wants. She wanted a red hat on the Athritis Foundation table at a recent 5K I ran in (the hats were for for those with Arthritis only,although I'm not certain how one would prove that in order to procure a hat), and so she sidled up to the table with me at her side, and coquetishly asked for a hat, acting shy when she wasn't, using a slight baby-talk inflection in her voice.
The older ladies at the table wouldn't give up the goods, but they did hand her a candy cane for her efforts. Isabella, however, was more than a little annoyed that her "charm" didn't work.
Isabella has been a big help around the house lately. Her favorite thing to ask me is, "Mommy, what can I help you with?" because she knows she will get heaps of praise from me for asking it. She's not a fan of setting the table, but will help make salads and everything else to do with meal prep, wash down cupboards, and pick up our disaster of a house before bed each night.
She's always been a big fan of art projects, drawing, and painting, but in the last few months, it's really kicked into overdrive. Every bit of what I would call "trash" is now something she would like to save for an art project. We went to a friend's birthday party last month and ended up taking home her used plastic fork from cake, an extra paper plate, a bamboo skewer from the Edible Arrangements fruit basket, and an empty juice box, none of which she was willing to part with, and all of which she later affixed to an egg carton via a glue stick.
Here she is hard at work at 7am one morning, making boats out of paper bags.

I fully expect her to be dumpster-diving this time next year.
I want to foster this creativity as much as I possibly can, but her art supplies are literally all over the house. 99% of them have to be kept out of Luci and Nicholas' reach, and therefore there is no central table to organize it all.
Isabella continues to have a blast at preschool. She can now write her first and last name neatly and legibly. She's mastering letters not in her name as well.
I think she's really going to miss school during her two week break coming up in other week.
Current Likes: The music from "Annie," playing cats with Luci
Current Dislikes: Clementines and parental threats to text Santa regarding her naughty deeds

4 Responses to “Isabella at 4 Years, 3 Months”

  1. # Anonymous Christina @ Spoonfed

    Kristi, I just love these updates, and this one especially, perhaps because I remember so many of these traits in Tess at that age. (BTW, that artist-cum-bag lady thing lasts a looong time. LOL.)

    Also: There's nothing quite so adorable as a 4-year-old asking, "Mommy, what can I help you with?"  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    You threaten to text Santa??? Cold! ;)

    She sounds adorable. Thing how much she'll miss school this summer.  

  3. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    I love the found art!! It's great and green! Little Elvis is NOT an artist. Maybe he'll get interested in it when he turns 4.  

  4. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Aren't preschool kids just the best? Good luck with the art supplies. With little ones, it's hard to know how to arrange things...  

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