Luci and Nicholas at 25 Months

Two at two has been interesting so far. In some ways, it's slightly easier. Luci and Nicholas understand a lot more than they did even a few months ago. There is a modicum of reasoning going on.

And in some ways, it's much more difficult for exactly the same reasons.

Nicholas is going through a rough(er) patch lately. He has not taken a nap in over two weeks, and spends "naptime" yelling in his crib:

"Mommy! Open door Nickey's room. Right Now! PLEASE!"

Over. And Over. And Over.

When I don't comply, he strips. Fortunately, thus far he has kept his diaper on, but when I finally relent and get him up, he has not a stitch of clothing on.

Working during "naptime" is pretty impossible when one-half of your at-home children (Isabella is at preschool Monday-Thursday in the afternoons) is non-compliant.

He is also extraordinarily cranky in the morning. If he comes downstairs and sees that his breakfast is not already made and ready for him to consume, he pitches an epic fit. He will not be consoled. And sometimes, even when it is ready, if it wasn't what he envisioned he might want to eat that morning, the fit occurs too. He usually spends the first 30 minutes of every morning screaming for no reason at all. And he will not be consoled.

That said, the kid loves to eat. He often says, "Mmmmm....I like it!" when we put his tray in front of him at each meal.

We have no problem getting him to eat most foods. He consumes his meals many times before the hubs and I are able to sit down. Luci takes easily 3x as long as he does, and is often left sitting at the table while everyone else is cleaning up, playing, etc. Nicholas hovers around her high chair hoping for dropped scraps.

If it isn't bolted down, screwed in, or way out of his reach (and sometimes, even when it is), Nicholas is trying to open it, break it, or grab it. I am exhausted not trying to keep up with him, but trying to stay at least 10 steps ahead of him. I have to constantly ask myself, "Okay, if I put this coffee cup here, can he reach it?" and "Oh, crap. Did I leave the bathroom door unlocked?" and "Why is it so quiet? Shit. Where are the crayons that were here a minute ago?"

"I'm just going to press all these buttons. You won't mind, will you?"

On the positive front, Nicholas can count to 20, sings the ABC song, and loves the soundtrack to "Annie." One of his favorites to belt from his crib during naptime is "Tomorrow":

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I wuv ya. Tomorrow! You're only a day away!"

He is also known to come up to me, look me in the eye, and say, "Hi, Mommy. How you doing?"

What is it about little boys? So destructive and so adorable, all at the same time?

Luci is totally in love with her big sister. She always wants to hold Isabella's hand in the car, and wants to do whatever she's doing most of the time.

Thankfully, she's still napping, but getting her to eat is a challenge. She still wears size 18 month clothing, and is a good two inches shorter than Nicholas.

Much like Isabella was at this age, Luci is very defiant. If I happen to be dressing her for the day, and she decides she'd rather have the hubs do it, she will kick and scream and cry to get her way.
"I'm sick. Wanna rumble?"

Luci loves dolls and dancing, can sing part of the ABC song, and all of the "Happy Birthday song," but does not share her brother's penchant for showtunes. She would like nothing more than to be carried around and snuggled all day long.

She also has an awesome sense of humor. Just recently, she's started making jokes. Her humor is pretty base and mostly of the bodily function variety, but it's very funny to hear this tiny two-year-old make a funny comment about her diaper contents, and then laugh hysterically about it.

Oh, these two. I love them to pieces. They are evolving into people, a little bit more every day. But they are so much work. And they are so completely crazy sometimes, which I know describes every two year old on the planet, but their mother is me. And most of the time, I feel so utterly and completely unequipped. If there was ever a mother less equipped to handle twins, I'd like to meet her.

But, to steal a line from this awesome project (check out the videos), I know that soon, it will get better.

7 Responses to “Luci and Nicholas at 25 Months”

  1. # Blogger kenju

    They are adorable. I love the photo of her when she was sick.  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    They do sound adorable. Don't give in on the nap, I bet he'll go back to it eventually. Hope so anyway.

    Hang in there.  

  3. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    Aw. They sound so sweet, at least their sweet qualities do. I love the showtunes, and Tomorrow is one of my favorite songs, too.  

  4. # Anonymous Lipgloss Ninja

    Gosh, i recognise so many of the issues you talk about - like the breakfast thing, the dressing thing, the crying inconsolably for next to nothing thing....the only thing I didnt have was the twin part. Shite, the fact that you still have a functioning brain and body deserves merit.

    I loved reading this and catching up on their personalities!


  5. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Oh PLEASE. THAT boy? That innocent face? I cannot believe you. He is just an angel!

    ;) Sadly, I kknow all too well what lies behind angelic little boy faces. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

    And you are totally equipped. Shoot, you're DOING it, girl.  

  6. # Blogger Jesser

    They are so stinking cute ... and I'm sure they're incredibly trying at times. ;) But I am glad to hear you say it's getting better. I still can hardly believe they're two!  

  7. # Anonymous Stephanie

    They are super sweet and I can totally empathize with having two at two. (Mine were 9 mos apart, so now I have a 2 and a brand new 3....but still). Whew. I wish I knew what to say, but I'm tired and frazzled. Neither of mine nap now (oh the horror!!!!) and they have started being reallllllly mean to each other. I'm constantly breaking up fights. They don't eat but they get offered good stuff, so I am not going to worry. OH but they ALWAYS want to play with/do whatever their sister is playing with/doing. We have at least 7 baby dolls in this house but "THAT'S MMMMY BAAAABY!!!!"

    It at least sounds like you are so good at remembering their sweetness and the nice things that make them the special people they are. I should follow suit!  

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