And Then There Was One

While friends and family far and wide went down with the stomach bug, we were somehow able to avoid it.

Until Sunday night.

We went to the hubs' father's house for dinner. We came home, and Luci vomited. We put her to bed, and the next morning when Isabella and I opened her door...I'll spare you the details and just say that every part of her crib, her stuffed bunny (Bonnie, to Nico's Clyde), her pajamas, and Luci herself needed immediate scouring.

She bounced right back though, and by Monday night seemed just fine.

On Tuesday afternoon about 4pm, Nico went down, or rather the entire contents of his stomach did, all over the ottoman in Baby Jail. The poor boy proceeded to vomit all over me five separate times, before spending the rest of the night dry-heaving. Did I mention that I was running the show solo until after bedtime, due to the hubs' late work commitment? Oh, and did I also mention that round about 5pm, yours truly started to feel very ill herself?

I managed to make dinner for Luci and Isabella, mop up multiple piles of vomit, change Nicholas out of puked-upon pajamas so many times that he ended up sleeping in a pair of Luci's overnight because all of his were dirty, change my own shirt four times because of being the aforementioned target of Nico's stomach issues, get everyone in clean pjs, and get the twins in bed for the night before I fell victim right in the middle of reading The Berenstain Bears and the New Baby. I ran out of Isabella's room, became very familiar with the toilet bowl in the kid's bathroom, and then returned to finish bedtime.

By the time the hubs arrived home around 8pm, I was in bed, having been sick several more times. Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning showcased repeat performances, and then I spent the day in bed yesterday, while the hubs took a sick day to wrangle the Triple Threat.

I am much, much better today.

Around noon, the phone rang. The hubs was headed home from work. One more down.

If you're keeping track, that leaves, in the immortal words of Jeff Probst, One! Survivor!

The girl who spends six hours a week in a veritable petri dish of germs is the only one left unstricken.

Will she survive Volatile Stomach Virus 2010?

Only time will tell.

7 Responses to “And Then There Was One”

  1. # Blogger Melissa

    Oh. Ugh. I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't heard from you in a few days, and now I know why! I am so, so sorry. When it hits, it hits hard. There have been times all FIVE of us have been sick at the same time (and guess who has to take care of everyone still?).  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    Ugh. I'm so, so sorry. Hope Isabella avoids it and that you're all better. In the event she doesn't avoid it, maybe you could call the favorite aunt to come carry her around. :)  

  3. # Blogger Sunny

    OH NO! What an absolute nightmare. I'm so sorry and hope this all passes very quickly...

    ... yucky yucky yucky. :P  

  4. # Blogger Nonnie

    Gross. Our family went through this about a month ago, and it was awful! First E got it, then me, then LG, then the husband, then my mother in law and father in law, followed by my brother in law and sister in law, then my good friend and her daughter, and the finally my mother. Somehow my little A managed not to get it. It was very contagious and felt like death for about 24 hours. I guess it's make it's way all the way from TN to NY ;).  

  5. # Anonymous Lisanne

    I hope and pray that our household doesn't get struck with it. It's one of my *fears*, actually. It's absolutely awful, and I can't imagine what you've had to deal with lately. I am *so* sorry!!!  

  6. # Blogger JM

    Yuck, hope the sick cloud has passed. My two are a bit under the weather right now, not of the vomit variety though thank goodness. Blech.  

  7. # Blogger The Amazing Trips

    Ugh is right. Whenever I hear about families being taken out by a stomach bug, my own stomach lurches.

    When our triplets were a couple of weeks shy of their second birthday, our whole family came down with the worst bug imaginable. The babies were throwing up. My husband was throwing up. I was the only one standing, and it was barely.

    I recruited our neighbor, at 11 PM, to drive with me to the hospital (May she be blessed forever) so that I could get the babies checked out. I took my neighbor, because my husband couldn't step more than a foot away from the toilet. We were at the hospital until 5 AM. When we arrived home, I thought for sure I was going to DIE.

    Fast forward two weeks. The kids continued to throw up EVERY SINGLE DAY for 14 DAYS. And on that LAST day of vomiting, I finally realized why I'd been feeling so bad.

    I was pregnant *surpise!* with our fourth baby. A baby that the doctors said would never happen w/o medical intervention. But oh how God laughs!!

    Hopefully this week, everyone at your homestead is feeling better!  

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