Love and Shoes

I didn't spend all of Valentine's Day weekend summoning the wrath of the heavens on my overbearing aunt. We also took the Triple Threat to the mall to go shopping for Luci's and Nico's first official pairs of shoes.
Luci soon realized why it is that girls and shoes go together like peas and carrots.

What do you mean I can't have this entire bottom row?

Nicholas was less interested in being forced to spend time in a public establishment that didn't offer food.
TheseWill Do.Let'sGo.
Both twins wear a Size 3 and have wide feet.
Earlier in the week I decided to scour the Internet for an inexpensive, easy, and relatively mess-free Valentine's Day card project that I could do with Isabella. I found this one, and am pleased to report that for the cost of a $2.00 package of red construction paper (I already had the paint and markers) we made 10 of these to send to the Family That Loves Me And My Parenting Decisions Oh So Much.

It was a particularly craft-tacular week in my house. While picking up the construction paper at the art store, I found these heart-shaped frames, and had Isabella paint them.

I stuck in some photos of the kids, and voila. Instant Valentine's Day present for the hubs.

Who wants a kiss from the King of Hearts?

How about one from the Queen of Mirth and Light?

Speaking of kisses, here's the Kissing Bandit of the Northeast, caught in the act.
And of course, Valentine's Day could not end without the always-fun-filled Holiday Photo Shoot of Futility:

Hope your Valentine's Day was a fun one!


Thank you for all the kind words and support you offered in the comments of my last post. I know my outburst was justified, but it was gratifying to have my feelings validated. I think I am going to write Auntie Dearest an email very soon and break down my expectations for her behavior niccccce and eeeeeasy.

7 Responses to “Love and Shoes”

  1. # Blogger Mom24

    See? You really are an awesome mom. Great crafts!

    How do they like wearing shoes? I know for some kids it's a real deal breaker. I'm assuming they're doing just fine.

    I've been thinking of the you and your aunt thing, and I have another tidbit of ad (ass?)vice. I hope it doesn't upset you, you know that's not the intention.

    I think you've been too accommodating in the past. When you tell her you don't want Isabella upstairs, follow up and don't allow her to go around you. Ditto for snacks, and jammies, and carrying, or whatever. It will be exhausting and stress-inducing to follow up on everything you say as if she was two, but it sounds like she's learned, just like a two year old, that you're not going to do anything if she ignores you. (Until you reach your breaking point.) That's a really, really bad thing for Isabella and soon the twins, to witness.

    From now on, if she can't play by your rules, she loses. Period.

    I'm truly sorry you'd have to go to that length with a grown up that you love.  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    Oh yes, good luck too, I don't envy you. :)  

  3. # Blogger Sunny

    I am honestly very happy that I will have three sons. Seeing cute little girls and girlie things doesn't make me long for one. But seeing those pictures of Luci shoe shopping.... yeah, that kinda did it.  

  4. # Blogger Nonnie

    In pictures, your twins look like they're probably around the same size as mine, but when you tell me they wear a size 3, my girls are going to have some giant feet one day. They are working their way into a size 6! I swear their feet look proportionate!  

  5. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    LOVE the bunnies.  

  6. # Anonymous Lisanne

    Meredith has a HUGE love for shoes. And dresses. And frilly things. And hats. :)

    I love your blog. I enjoy the photos that you post, and your captions are even funnier!  

  7. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Very crafty, I love all your projects! The thumbprint bunnies are genius.  

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