Reality Check

I'm the one behind the camera.

I document our children's lives, our cats' geriatric existences, and the occasional dessert I'm able to make for family functions, in between wiping baby barf off my shoulder and checking Facebook while the babies scream.
(Here's the fruit tart I made for this year's Mother's Day brunch:)

Since I'm always the one taking the pictures, there are very few photos of me with my kids, or with the hubs. Usually, this suits me just fine. I have many fantastic qualities, but being photogenic is not one of them, so it's fine with me to be the photographer rather than the subject.
But it's always bugged me that there aren't many photos of me with my children. The hubs isn't one to grab the camera to capture the rare moments when I'm actually sitting or standing still with them and no one is crying or nursing or wearing a food-stained outfit, or when Isabella isn't running away from the camera yet again, refusing to have her photo taken. I have to orchestrate the photo shoot and when I do, the results are usually disastrous.
This perhaps explains why this photo of me with Isabella, Luci, and Nicholas is so disconcerting. Taken on Mother's Day, it is the first photo of me with the three kids. There are some (not good) photos of the hubs and me with the kids-valiant attempts to capture the five of us without someone crying, squinting, squirming, frowning, or slumped over-but none to this point of me alone with the kids.
And in looking at this halfway decent photo of the four of us, it makes quite obvious what I've not really been able to wrap my I-Wanted-Two-Kids-Just-Two-Kids-The-World-Is-Made-For-Two-Kids-And-Two-Parents-No-Really-That's-Not-Twins-On-The-Ultrasound-Is-It? brain around.
I have three kids.
Now, I'm not certifiably insane (at least not in all 50 states) yet. I know I have three kids. I'm wiping their butts and shoveling food into their mouths and washing their clothes and scrubbing their little bodies every single day.
But this picture makes it undeniably true.
And while raising them saps me of my will to live some days, I can't imagine my life without all of them in it.

13 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. # Blogger Damselfly

    Oh! Sob. This made me cry. Could be the pregnancy hormones. Or it could be just the looks on all your sweet faces. Or it could be that delicious fruit tart.

    I totally relate, and I think I wrote last Mother's Day how there are so few pictures of me and my boy together.

    More sobbing ... sorry ....

    Hope your Mother's Day was great!  

  2. # Blogger In Due Time

    Adorable! I think often Mom's have a lack of photos because we are the photo takers. I would ask the hubs to step in there and take photos more often. Even the frazzled, stained clothes pictures will be adored by you years from now.

    You've got to give me the recipe for the fruit tart. I'm starving now! heh  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Great pic! Next time I come over, give me your camera & I will snap snap snap!  

  4. # Anonymous Lis Garrett

    That is a *fabulous* photo!!!

    There are few photos of the five of us and probably even fewer of me, or me and the kids. Like you, I'm always the one behind the camera. This has inspired me to kick my husband in the butt and get him to take pictures of us together!

    (do I know how to motivate, or what?!)  

  5. # Blogger Christine

    That is a lovely photo! And pshaw and not photogenic. You're beautiful! And you all look so happy. You're doing a great job Kristi.  

  6. # Blogger Jeni

    That is a lot to wrap your head around, pretty sure it doesn't make you crazy:) And great photo of you all!  

  7. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    What a great photo! I think it would be hard to wrap my head around twins as well, especially after you were told that you were only expecting one! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.  

  8. # Blogger M

    GREAT picture. It made me just realize you have 3 kids. lol. I mean I see pictures of them...but not all of you together. :)  

  9. # Blogger Momma K

    Blows my mind! I look at you and still see my friend Kristi, from AQ. The kids just seem like props. You can't possibly be the mother of three--didn't we just graduate a short while ago? What a strange trip it's been.  

  10. # Blogger Veronica

    Oh trust me, it blows my mind too that you have THREE kids.


    And you still look the same.

    Blows. My. Mind.  

  11. # Blogger Jesser

    I have exactly the same feelings about photos. Don't love photos of me but I would like to be there for posterity's sake and all ... I am the mom after all. Great photo of you and the kiddos. Hard to imagine going from 1 to 3! No wonder it's taken you a while to get used to it. Looks like you're wearing it well. Happy belated mom's day.  

  12. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    First, YUMMY. Making me hungry...

    Love the picture. And 3 is fabulous, isn't it?  

  13. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    I LOVE that photo. When you find the time (HA!) you should put that photo on your blog header. It is just perfect!  

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