Bye, Bye Baby?

Do you (or did you) let family members or friends drive your young children places in their vehicles?

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10 Responses to “Bye, Bye Baby?”

  1. # Blogger Simply-Mel

    I must say I am relaxed but very selective in whom I allow to transport my kids. I trust my family. And a handful of close friends.

    I had to realise that my childrens lives are not completely in my control. I have to be able to let go and let live.

    But no-one should tell you how / what to do with your offspring. To each their own. Babysteps....

    BTW - I dont do lift school lift clubs and I am ALWAYS the mom on duty for school outings!  

  2. # Blogger In Due Time

    Although I understand your fears, I don't feel the same way. I have been transporting children I've babysat since I was 16. I have been transporting A, since she was a few weeks old, too.

    There are some experiences in life (a trip to the museum with grandma, a trip to the movies with the babysitter, etc) that I want my child to experience.

    Do I worry that something might happen when A or the other kids are with me? All the time, but I don't let it control me. You (I) can't let all the "what ifs" in the world control your (my) life. I wouldn't want my kids growing up with those fears, either.

    Having said that, I am anal about installing the car seat properly into everyone's cars.

    And no, my feels will be just the same when I have "my own children".

    Anyways, those are just my feelings. I'm not trying to tell you how/what you should do. Just flipping the coin for ya.

    (Glad you had a great night out the other night!!)  

  3. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    I agree with you completely. My mom actually does have her own car seat, but LG has only been able to ride with her solo a handful of times. She has ridden with my mom driving a few times when I've been in the car as well...don't ask me why me being in the car eases my mind. She also drove her to the hospital to meet the babies when they were born (since my husband had vertigo and couldn't drive). In the early days of the twins' lives I let her drive her down the street to Walmart a few times so the poor child wouldn't go stir crazy....but total, she's probably ridden in a car with people other than me less than five times. It just scares me. I know it sounds crazy to almost everyone else, and even to me sometimes, but I just can't handle it.  

  4. # Blogger Marie

    I'm OK with it now, and have been ok with certain family members driving since the early days.

    With preschool, there have been field trips and I don't always sign up to drive (though I often do). I do this on purpose, because I want K to have some of those experiences without me, with others. He loves it! And he could have a freak accident with me as easily as with anyone else. (How sad about your Grandma's friend... what an awful thing to have to live with.)  

  5. # Blogger beagle

    My husband rarely even drives our son without me in the car (just the nature of our schedules mainly.)

    IN any case, I cannot bring myslef to let my parents take N out for a drive. I rationalize this in a hundred ways (ie they don't NEED to take him anywhere, etc.) But the turth is that I don't only take him in the car when I NEED to either. I just don't feel comfortable having anyone drive away with him. It's getting harder and harder to make excuses to the gransparents.

    I'm glad you wrote about this.  

  6. # Blogger beagle

    I really ought to proof read! Sorry, so many typos and on a writer's blog no less!  

  7. # Blogger Shannon

    Well with the new car seat laws... they will need a car seat until they are at least 8 if not older.... if your kids are short and skinny like Jeremy and his brothers by the new laws... they would of needed some kind of a car seat until 8th grade...

    With that said... Jeremy's parents were in a car accident... they hit each other... yes 2 different cars... and Jeremy got hurt from the flying glass... he has a lot of little scars from it...

    Accidents are going to happen no matter what... I can only do so much as a parent... just gotta trust God with the rest...

    My inlaws and my parents have both driven Lorelei around... I want her to spend time with them outside of our house and that can only happen if they drive her some place from time to time... my parents and Jeremy's parents have way better driving records than me lol...

    But you are the parent and you have the right to make what ever choices you want to make with your kids and your family needs to respect it...  

  8. # Blogger kenju

    I am well beyond that stage, but when my kids were small, I had no problem with it. I think it depends on the person, and how comfortable you are with their driving skills and their levels of concentration to the task.  

  9. # Blogger Veronica

    My sister trusts me (and my parents) to drive the baby around.

    She's paranoid about the car seat, but she not paranoid about our driving skills so far.

    I'm not sure what will happen with carpools and things like that in future -- if that's what's in store for my nephew.  

  10. # Blogger In transit

    Do you know, I hadn't actually given it much thought until I read your post. I guess I'm in a completely different situation anyway - with no family over here, and certainly I've had no reason for anyone other than myself or R to drive with Evelynne.
    I think I'd be very selective - and I know I'd be anal about the car seat - I am as it is!  

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