Fashion Fright Friday: Eyewear Edition

It's been awhile since the last edition of Fashion Fright Friday. Of course, this isn't because of lack of material, mind you. I realized the other day that the last time I bought any article of clothing for myself was back in March for this.


So obviously, fashion is not at the forefront of my mind lately. That space is occupied by my two contract jobs, trying to get published in a local magazine so I'll have a clip file to show bigger-name publications at some point in time, and wrangling my daughter all day long. Some days, it's a true Olympics-worthy feat that I'm even able to get dressed at all, much less attempt to look remotely stylish.

So rest assured, faithful readers. I am still the poster child for what not to wear.

That said, last week I decided to bring my eyewear into the new millennium. I bought new glasses. I've worn contacts since I was about 12 years old. Before that, I rocked the big-ass glasses so popular in the 80s. Since getting contacts, though, I've only ever worn my glasses at night, before bed, or in the middle of the night when I needed to make sure that I didn't accidentally pee in the hallway closet instead of the bathroom, as I am essentially blind without them.

So, having fashionable glasses wasn't really all that important to me, because no one ever saw me wearing them.

And then I discovered that my husband's medical reimbursement account would cover new glasses for me. For free! I decided that even if I was the only one to ever see myself wearing them, it was time to toss the glasses I've had since high school (which, for the curious, was a very, very long time ago).

The old...I know. Don't show your husbands or boyfriends this picture, because they will want me.

And the new... pick me up at 8, Jake.

12 Responses to “Fashion Fright Friday: Eyewear Edition”

  1. # Blogger Beagle

    I like the "new" alot! I also need a new pair. I never wear them outside the house, except in an emergency, but still.  

  2. # Blogger Tracey

    First of all, I want YOUR friends to give me a great present like that!! How fun and hysterical!

    I like the new glasses, but the old ones really aren't that bad!  

  3. # Anonymous Melissa Garrett

    I *love* the new glass!

    I've worn contacts since I was 12, too, and I frequently get eye infections (even though I am REALLY meticulous about cleaning them and putting in new ones every three months). I have been considering getting new glasses and wearing them more often, so I am constantly checking out what other people are wearing. Some women look at shoes; I look at glasses! ;-)  

  4. # Blogger Marie


  5. # Blogger Editorgirl

    They look great Kristi! I too sported the scary 80s style glasses back in the day and progressively got better ones. A few years ago I went all out and got a super cute pair myself - although like you they are only worn before bed, watching TV in bed and in the middle of the night so I can find my way out of the bedroom. I actually wear them so infrequently that when I have one of those (my contacts refuse to cooperate mornings) and I have to sport them at work - people are always shocked to know I wear glasses. Enjoy them!  

  6. # Blogger shokufeh

    Great glasses! The second ones, I mean.  

  7. # Blogger Shannon

    the new ones are a lot like my purple glasses... and I love them... right now I can't wear my red and blue ones because lore tries to eat them... lol... and btw... shoot the squirrels... they are evil... trust me I had one get into my house in high school and eat one of my blankets the nasty little gritters!  

  8. # Blogger kenju

    I own two pairs of glasses, one like your old ones and one like your new ones!!  

  9. # Blogger mrsmogul

    Very nice! It's important to have new glasses. I have two pairs I wear at home.  

  10. # Blogger Ramona

    I likey the new glasses! You do look Hawt!!  

  11. # Anonymous annie w.

    NICE new glasses! Lookin good, Lady!

    Just don't sit on them. :-)  

  12. # Blogger Damselfly

    Cool! They look great on you.

    I always notice when someone gets a new pair of glasses.  

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