Baby Love

February 14th ushered in Paula Deen, frozen chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, and by the time the day was over, over 20 inches of snow.

The hubs is a teacher currently going to school to become a principal. When he got the call that his school was closed early yesterday morning, he normally would have had to go into work anyway, because he's serving his internship as principal of the elementary school in his district, and even on snow days, administrators have to report for work. But, because the weather was so bad, he didn't! And the board meeting that would have kept him at school until 10 o'clock at night (on Valentine's Day!) was cancelled. So he stayed home with Isabella and me all day long. A fab V-day to be sure.

Here's Isabella with my gift subscription from her and her Daddy. Mmmm... Paula Deen. Tasty!

And here's what we got the hubs. I saw the company profiled on The Food Network. While the chocolate-covered part doesn't do anything for me, the cheesecake inside was delicious.

This morning I took some pictures from the front steps of my house, without putting one tootsie outside into the mounds and mounds of snow outside. While nothing even close to what Syracuse has received lately, 20 inches in one day is quite a lot, even for upstate NY.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

7 Responses to “Baby Love”

  1. # Blogger Damselfly

    I'd kiss that little cutie!

    Wow, that's some snow. Glad you could spend it with the hubs.  

  2. # Anonymous kross-eyed kitty

    You guys had the perfect day!
    We also got a lot of snow, but about half of what you got. Still enough to bring traffic to a standstill.
    That little Isabella sure is a cutie!  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Look at that little sweetie! I could just gobble her right up! Just precious.

    And that choc-covered cheesecake too... mmmm. Sounds divine.

    Glad y'all got to be together on VDay!  

  4. # Blogger l

    Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day - yay! And the snow is gorgeous. Best enjoyed from the indoors, though - 20 inches? You can drown in less water than that!  

  5. # Blogger Guinevere Meadow

    I didn't know Paula Deen has a magazine! As far as Food Network chefs go, I really like Rachael Ray, and I do read her magazine (and watch her show, and buy her!)  

  6. # Blogger Michelle

    Cute picture! You just gave me a great idea-- I'm going to order my mom Paula Deen's magazine. I didn't even know there was one! I got her one of her cookbooks for Christmas. :) SHe loves her!  

  7. # Blogger sher

    Well, how did I miss this post?? Yesterday I was wishing you would post a picture of the adorable Ella--and you already had done that. She gets more and more beautiful--how is that possible?  

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