I've Outed Myself

Yesterday, I outed myself to my manager at work. Part of me wanted to keep my news a secret indefinitely. Just as it was when we told our families, disclosing the news of this baby would make the whole thing seem just a little more real once my employer knew. And each time we tell someone new, it adds another level of responsibility to my pyramid. I can't help but feel scared as well. I'm 17 weeks now. Is it possible we're really going to have a baby in five months? Forgive the pun, but it still seems inconceivable.

I went into his office armed with a proposal outlining the time I want to take off from work (14 weeks total, two of which will be unpaid) and my request for a work schedule once I return (I want to work at home full-time for the month of December to transition back into things, and then three-four days a week with one or two days a week in the office, starting in January.)

When I told him the news, he was very happy for me, and very supportive. I handed him the proposal and told him to think it over and that we had plenty of time to talk about my future work schedule. I can't see him saying no, since I already work from home two days a week now, I always get my work done, and my job as a marketing writer very rarely necessitates me being in the office in the first place. Plus, I just received a glowing performance appraisal last week. So I'm hoping he'll agree to what I want.

I wore a maternity shirt to work for the first time yesterday, although it was one that hid the growing belly pretty well. It was absolute bliss to be comfortable in that shirt all day long after attempting to stuff myself into shirts that I was barely keeping buttoned "up top." So now those shirts are moving to the far end of my closet. The poncho I was wearing to work at least once a week can now make an only occasional appearance, instead of being a primary part of my work wardrobe. And sadly, my beloved green winter coat, the one I love so much, and have received so many compliments on, is retired to the closet as well.

Apparently, it's time to embrace the stretchy panel, the "roomy and billowy" buttondown work shirts, and bras designed to fit Dolly and Pamela. Bring it on.

8 Responses to “I've Outed Myself”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    Hooray!! Yep, it's really happening! Great that your boss is so supportive & that you just got a glowing PA. Perfect.

    That little munchkin will be here before you know it. Yeah!  

  2. # Blogger D

    Good for you. I bet it is a relief to finally out yourself and a relief to be in comfy clothes! The stretchy panel is a wonderful thing. I hope you get the work schedule that you have proposed. I went to my boss armed with all these great points to back up my request to go from working full time (4 days a week) to half time (Monday & Tuesday). I was all ready to present my proposition, I told her what I wanted and she said "OK, sounds good" It seemed way too easy. So happy that things are going good!  

  3. # Blogger Binulatti

    Smart of you to come so prepared. Takes the guesswork of what you expect off your boss' hands. Another benckmark to check off. Hoo-ray :-)  

  4. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    It must be such a relief to let your boss know, and everybody else at the office. And now you get to wear all those cute little maternity outfits!
    Very smart of you to be prepared with what your plans for work are. And, how great is that, that you get to work from home!
    You know, we'll all be waiting for those belly-pics soon ! ;)  

  5. # Anonymous Jenny

    Hooray for outing yourself at work.
    Bring on the comfy clothes!  

  6. # Blogger Christine


    I say hallelujah to the comfy clothes. I can only imagine.

    Here's to five more short months! Man it seems like it's flying.  

  7. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-People keep telling me this. I likely won't believe it until I see the baby in person!

    D-I'm glad you got the work schedule you wanted too. That's fantastic!

    Karrie-You know me. I'm all about planning ahead.

    Ramona-It's a total relief, mostly from a clothing standpoint! When I actually have something "baby-like" to show in the belly area, I will definitely post a picture.


    Christine-Now, it does seem like time is flying. But in the earlier months, ugh! It crawled!  

  8. # Blogger Marie

    And even when you DO see the baby in person, it's hard to believe that he/she is actually your child. It's just such a miracle.  

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