16 weeks, 2 days

Things in babyland are going well. Almost too well, because I am still feeling, to a certain extent, that it's just a matter of time before the second shoe will drop. Each time I use my trusty doppler to locate and listen to the baby's heart, I breathe an enormous sigh of relief. He/she is still alive. Still growing inside me, although I haven't felt the baby move yet.

According to the weekly email update I receive, at just about halfway through my 4th month, the Beastie is 4.5 inches long, weighs 3.5 ounces, and is about the size of an avocado. This week, he/she is growing toenails, and although the eyes are closed, they are moving around inside the eyelids. In the next three weeks the baby will undergo a huge growth spurt, doubling in weight and adding inches to his/her length.

I'm hopeful that the baby will make itself known to me sooner rather than later. Since I'm not showing to the outside world yet (although I've given up the last of my non-maternity pants, and stuffing my gigantour boobs into anything but loose-fitting maternity tops is no longer something I'm interested in doing, except for work purposes, because I still haven't told them) and I haven't felt any movement, I feel at times oddly disconnected from what it going on inside. But I've heard so many people say that once you begin to show, and once you feel the baby move, everything becomes so much more real. I'm looking forward to that.

This past week marked my first experience with round ligament pain. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about: as the uterus grows, the ligaments and muscles surrounding it stretch, causing sharp pains in your lower abdomen. These seriously hurt, and I called my doctor's office to make sure the pain was what I thought it was. Luckily, they assumed me that it was very common, to take some Tylenol, and get some rest. I've had them off and on for the past week.

We had the family dinner at my great aunt's house that we usually have on Sundays on Saturday night instead. Everyone is so, so excited about the baby. The Beastie is all anyone seems to want to talk about, and although I am thrilled about their elation, I feel this enormous sense of responsibility for their happiness. I know the miscarriage rate is low in the 2nd trimester. My heart tells me that after all we've been through to have this baby, God is protecting him/her. But while my husband and I can talk freely about baby plans now, it's still hard to hear my relatives talk about diapers and names and shower plans and ultrasounds. I'm so glad to be bringing so much joy to their lives (especially to my grandma's), but I don't want to be the cause of more sorrow for them either.

On the lighter side, my next ultrasound is scheduled for April 5th. The last time we saw the baby was at 8 weeks, so he/she will definitely look a whole lot differently at 19 weeks. As of now, we're not planning on finding out the gender, despite everyone urging us to. I'm a planner, but I also like surprises. We'll see if we can hold out.

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  1. # Blogger Marie

    Yippee to April 5th!

    It will be so exciting when you start feeling the baby move, Kristi. Sounds like everything's moving along as it should. This baby is going to be surrounded by a wonderful loving extended family... and everything will be fine, Momma!!

    You know, we didn't want to know if our baby was a boy or a girl either, but we both thought we saw "something" at the ultrasound... and we were right!  

  2. # Blogger Dawn

    Kristi, I remember going through some of those same feelings waiting to feel movement, holding my breath every time they did an ultrasound.

    And the excitement of the first flutters in my tummy of feeling him move! But then, it didn't take long before he really was kicking and we even saw an elbow or knee push a bulge shape out of my tummy. I can't wait to see your first post on feeling movement!  

  3. # Blogger D

    So glad that everything is going good. I am also waiting impatiently to feel something in there! But in the mean time the doppler is reassuring. My next ultrasound with the Dr is on April 5th - We want to find out the sex, so hopefully the little monkey cooperates. I had a quickie ultrasound here at work last week and in the last week I am definitely looking pregnant - I am quite happy to be "showing",I think that it does make it seem more real!  

  4. # Blogger Christine

    Oh I am so happy for you guys! (And also, ouch on the round ligament pain)

    Yay for April 5th!

    And I love that you call the baby "Beastie"...so cute.  

  5. # Blogger Binulatti

    *Very* excited to see the pics from the big Apr 5th photoshoot. Get that scanner warmed up! :-)  

  6. # Blogger Alisha

    I'm so glad to hear the Beastie update!!! In the nursing world, 16 weeks is called the Sweet Sixteen, because of all the amazing developments that are going on.

    Are you feeling radiant? This is the time alot of women start the "glow"!

    Can't wait till 04/05! You'll have to castpost the bambino!  

  7. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-I can't wait to feel it move! And I remember you telling me about your ultrasound story-your little one is 100% boy!

    Dawn-Wow. That's so cool. I can't even imagine seeing limbs pushing out of my stomach. Very Aliens.

    D-Our "big" ultrasounds are on the same day (April 5th). You must come over here and let me know what you're having. Have I told you how jealous I am of your on-the-spot ultrasounds? ;)

    Christine-Thank you!

    Karrie-You will have pictures. Don't worry!

    Alisha-I am very happy to be in the Sweet 16. LOL. I'm not sure I'm feeling radiant, but all my "glow" is causing my face to break out. Does that count? ;)  

  8. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    You DO realize that I am living vicariously through you?! I'm loving the updates!  

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