Hair, There, and Everywhere

Baby hair is funny.

This is one of my favorite photos of Isabella, taken when she was 18 months old. Both she and Luci have my hair: super-fine and wispy.

Here's one of Luci taken last week.

I'm sorry, girls. Your hair genes suck.

You will cease and desist the public humiliation, mother.

We've had several warm and humid days in the row here, and the heat and humidity are wrecking havoc with Luci's hair. It always had a slight wave to it, but the warmer weather made it look like I had taken a crimper to her hair. It will not be tamed, much like Miss Explosive Personality herself.

This is how you deal with bad hair days, isn't it, mommy?

And then there's Nicholas, who seems to have a lot of hair. Despite the fact that the hubs is practically bald, when he was younger his hair was thick and wavy.

Nicholas' hair doesn't so much resemble the hubs' when he was a lad, though.

It seems to grow forward and straight down, like this:

And this.

Which is why I'm a bit concerned that Nicholas' lineage can be traced instead to a certain former governor.

At least Nicholas will never go bald, right?

4 Responses to “Hair, There, and Everywhere”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    SO SMOOCHY! (except for Mr. Illinois, I mean)  

  2. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    Heh! I was thinking more George Clooney.

    Baby hair *is* funny. And my baby still doesn't have any at 10 months.  

  3. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    Those pictures are AWESOME. ESpecially Luci flipping you off. Nice touch.

    Happy Mother's Day!  

  4. # Blogger Shannon

    I recall from high school biology class a discussion on genetics. When it comes to hairlines/balding, men(and women) get their hair pattern from the mother. So, Nicholas will get your hair pattern. If you had a brother, you'd be able to see what Nicholas is in for as an adult. Since you don't, you have to go up the line to your mother's brother, etc. :)

    I cannot believe how big they are all getting, btw.  

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