One More Day

It turns out I needed one more day of fertility meds to be ready for the egg retrieval. So, instead of today, my egg retrieval is scheduled for 7:15am tomorrow (Saturday) morning. As of yesterday, my doctor has measured 18 follicles. She is very pleased with my response, and I'm pleased because she's pleased.

Current physical state: extremely bloated and uncomfortable. This is due to ovarian hyperstimulation. My distended belly makes me look about four months pregnant already. I'm also totally exhausted and have no energy, which is completely unlike me.

Current mental state: nervous, excited, and scared. My doctor told me yesterday that there was a chance I might have to have the egg retrieval in the regular office with conscious sedation instead of general anesthesia in the OR as planned, because apparently on Saturdays they have a hard time getting a time slot commitment from the people who run the OR. You'd think on a Saturday, this would be easy, but apparently not. This was not good news, as I was looking forward to being completely "out" and seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing. But, it turns out that I'm able to have the procedure under general anesthesia after all. Which now leaves me time and energy to obsess over other things.

Current focus: trying to remain calm until tomorrow, and trying like hell to remain positive. I want to keep busy and stay distracted. Unfortunately, this has proven difficult due to my current physical state. However, for the next two weeks, I want to take care of myself as best as I possibly can in order to give the embryos they'll transfer next week the best shot possible to implant (assuming the eggs fertilize tomorrow). This is going to be difficult for me, since I'm such an emotional mess.

My egg retrieval is only 24 hours away. This crazy science project is almost over. I can't believe it's time. I will blog about my experience as soon as I'm able, and I hope to have a fantastic fertilization report to write about on Sunday.

To all my blog and "real life" friends who have offered me support here and in other ways, thank you. You have made this IVF cycle so much less stressful for me, and your kind words of support have truly carried me through. I am lucky and blessed indeed.

10 Responses to “One More Day”

  1. # Blogger Marie

    I can imagine how it must be exciting, stressful, etc., all at the same time... I'm praying for lots of good eggs & embryos for you! And that you'll be able to get some sleep too...

    We're all pulling for you, Kristi!


  2. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Here's to a stressfree, happy, easy, quick fertilization!
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning.
    How exciting!!! This is what you've been waiting for!  

  3. # Blogger Caryl

    Same here! Take it easy, have your hubby papmer you and try to enjoy the weekend. We are all on you side sweetie :-)


  4. # Anonymous thalia

    Conscious sedation is actually fine, btw - I was out like a light but without the trauma of a general. Anyway, I hope it all goes swimmingly tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you.  

  5. # Blogger Christine

    Best wishes for a somewhat less stressful, happy, and speedy fertilization!

    You'll be great!  

  6. # Blogger Alisha

    Here's to remaining positive, sending loving peaceful thoughts to all 18 eggs (and any that might be hiding), taking care of yourself as you live the next 24 hours!

    I am thinking of you as always.  

  7. # Blogger Pamplemousse

    Thalia's right. You will be fine. Good luck. Hope you stocked up on Gatorade and other fluids!  

  8. # Blogger Clare Eats

    That sounds horrily stressful, but please try and not stress. I know it sounds much easier than it really is. I know you can do it!
    *hugs* let us know if we can help!  

  9. # Blogger Marie

    I've been thinking of you lots this weekend, Kristi!! Hoping everything went great yesterday...  

  10. # Blogger Kristi

    Marie-Thank you. Thank you! Surprisingly enough, I slept pretty well both Friday night and last night too.

    Ramona-Thank you! The entire process went relatively smoothly.

    Caryl-He has taken very good care of me this weekend, and made me stay in bed most of Saturday.

    Thalia-I think I actually ended up having conscious sedation, except they had to do it in the OR. I wasn't intubated, and they just gave me Demarol via IV. I was out like a light.

    Christine-Fertilization achieved! Thanks for the good wishes. :)

    Alisha-Thank you. That means so much to me.

    Pamplemousse-Thanks for stopping by again. Is there such thing as coffee-flavored Gatorade? ;)

    Clare-All of my friends stopping by here to wish me luck and good wishes is just the medicine I needed through all this. So, thank you!

    Marie-Aww.. thanks. As you know, we had good luck. :)  

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