Do You Want Cheese On That?

In an effort to stay distracted and not completely obsessed with everything on the IVF front, I've decided to stray away from talk of eggs, embryos, and fertilization for a brief moment.

The always-funny Laurie from Crazy Aunt Purl has tagged everyone on the "internets" (and that includes me!) to play along with this silly meme. In return, I will tag anyone who reads this and cares to play along.

TEN random things you might not know about me

1: I don't have a large intestine. Had it removed when I was ten.
2: I've never highlighted my hair, but I have dyed it red, purple, and black.
3: I would secretly love to open my own bakery-bookshop combo store.
4: I cannot add...or subtract, multiply, or divide. Math is not my friend.
5: I love musicals! LOVE them!
6: I've met Anne Rice, before she reinvented herself as Mel Gibson.
7: I am small talk-challenged.
8: People tell me I look like Christina Ricci. Frequently.
9: I love Hillary Clinton. Don't hate!
10: My childhood nickname has stuck around for 29 years. Couldn't say "Kristi" and called myself "Shish" instead.

NINE places I’ve visited

1: England
2: Ireland
3: Scotland
4: Italy
5: France
6: St. Lucia
7: California
8: Florida
9: Washington.

EIGHT ways to win my heart

1: Bring me coffee.
2: Buy me books.
3: Bake me fresh bread and deliver it while it's still warm.
4: Snuggle with me on my big overstuffed chair.
5: Espouse your passion about a social issue that means a lot to you.
6: Don't lie to me.
7: Love my family.
8. Love animals.

SEVEN things I want to do before I die

1: Write a book.
2: Travel the world.
3: Become self-employed.
4: Buy a house with a second bathroom.
5: Turn myself into a really, really good baker.
6: Commit an unpunishable act of road rage.
7: Work at Starbucks.

SIX things I’m afraid of

1: Never becoming a mother.
2: My cats dying.
3: My grandma and great aunt and uncle dying.
4: Scary movies. I don't watch them. EVER.
5: Slugs
6: Math

FIVE things I don't like

1: Ignorant people (I'm looking at you, W).
2: Chocolate.
3: The color pink.
4: Cube life.
5: Slow drivers.

FOUR ways to turn me off

1: Be cruel to an animal.
2: Not have an opinion.
3: Avoid the things I bake.
4: Bathe in cologne.

THREE things I do everyday

1: Read
2: Try to avoid negative thinking
3: Kiss my kitties.

TWO things that make me happy

1: Coffee
2: 4pm

ONE thing on my mind right now

1: Babies, babies, babies. (Huh. That's more than one. But when you have 12 fertilized eggs...)

6 Responses to “Do You Want Cheese On That?”

  1. # Blogger Christine

    Just wanted to say congratulations and best wishes for tomorrow :)  

  2. # Blogger Amy

    I will never ever understand the chocolate thing, but I am so with you on scary movies and the color pink. Ick.  

  3. # Blogger Marie

    Hillary?! Hillary?!! Gaaaaah!

    "Commit an unpunishable act of road rage." --- LOL! To meet you, you'd never know you had that brewing beneath the surface! ;-)

    GOOD LUCK today, lovey!! Thinking of you lots.... {Hug}  

  4. # Blogger Kristi

    Christine-Thank you.

    Amy-You're not alone on thinking I'm from another planet with the chocolate issue!

    Marie-We can still be friends, right? ;)  

  5. # Blogger Dawn

    That was a lot of fun to read, even if we don't agree on everything, it's amazing how much we DO agree on!  

  6. # Blogger Suzanne

    Love this!

    "I would secretly love to open my own bakery-bookshop combo store."

    I too would love to do that. I've fallen in love with baking over the past year (my sugar-spice cookies are the biggest hit). I hate to cook, but I love to bake (something I think I remember you mentioning somewhere in one of these entries.) I explain it this way. When you're cooking a meal, you're not really making anything, you're just taking a food and seasoning it somehow. But when you're baking, the possibilities are endless just by using the same basic ingredients. You're creating something! (Maybe that's why I like knitting...)

    And I've wanted to run a bookstore since I was a kid. I'm a big dork when it comes to books. Books are candy to me.

    "I cannot add...or subtract, multiply, or divide. Math is not my friend."

    I can't do anything with fractions, not one thing. It's like I missed that day in school and never caught up. I also have no concept of space or time. I kid you not, I cannot gauge how long it will take me to get somewhere unless I have Google maps in front of me. I couldn't tell you if I've gone a foot or a mile. I'm always way off the mark when guessing someone's age or weight so I've stopped trying. It's weird. I wonder if there's a disorder for that...  

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