In Search of a Little Kumbaya

Someone is almost always screaming in my house, and the cause du jour lately is toy battles. It doesn't matter what the toy is, whether or not it's age-appropriate, or whether one kid is playing with something, and another just happened to walk by and suddenly be struck by a longing for whatever it is he/she has in her hands, the battles are continuous and never-ending and exhausting to mediate.

The twins' birthday is coming up in October, and I've been on the hunt for train tables. This is something all three kids can play with together (I hope).

As a CSN Stores Preferred Blogger, I can review a new product for them every month or so. CSN Stores sells a ton of great stuff, including modern rugs, baby gear, and, of course, train tables. I've had nothing but positive shopping experiences for everything I've ordered from them, and many products come with free shipping. I'm going to review a train table for CSN Stores in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for the review!

And if you have a train table that your kids love, please let me know which one!


Isabella had a fantastic time at Sesame Place and The Crayola Factory. An update on our trip and her birthday is coming this week!

5 Responses to “In Search of a Little Kumbaya”

  1. # Anonymous Lisanne

    We got one for FREE! From Freecycle! It's nothing fancy, but the kids LOVE it ... and it serves its purpose!  

  2. # Blogger Mom24

    Good luck! That stage is definitely not fun.

    We have a train table, I don't think it's made anymore, but I love it. It has 6 bins underneath for storage--the main reason I love it. Even though J&J mostly no longer play trains, the table still gets plenty of use. Jacob's very into heroscape (don't ask, maybe you'll be lucky and never have to know). Anyway, it's currently spread all over our table, ready for battles. Definitely a great product to have.  

  3. # Anonymous Ness at Drovers Run

    I can SO relate to the whole 'peacekeeping mission' thing, in my house, I feel like friggin' Ban Ki Moon most of the time. My mantra is that "when they're a bit older...they will play nicely" or "when Flip can speak and make more sense to Skip, then they will play nicely" I'm sure given another year, I will be saying, "as soon as they're at the same school, they will place nicely"...then "once they've BOTH hit puberty, they will play nicely" ...and so it continues :)  

  4. # Blogger In transit

    O wow, I get to look forward (with trepidation?) to sibling squabbles. Evie is loving her train set at the moment - we are looking to purchase a train table for her 2nd birthday too, so it'll be interesting to read your review!  

  5. # Blogger Stephanie

    We have screaming here, too. LOTS of it. I've gotten to some crazy bizzare place where the louder and shriller they get, the calmer I get. My husband, on the other hand, does not. Then it's a 3-way yelling contest. I always think about your post about how the husband is not allowed to yell if they have been gone at work all day, got lunch breaks, and rode in the car without listening to screaming or the Wheels on the Bus for the hundreth time. (I'm paraphrasing of course, but I SO agree!)

    Hope the screaming gets better soon. I hope it does over here, too. They go from zero to banshee in two seconds flat.  

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