My First Giveaway

I always like to follow up one of my regularly occurring bitchfests with a post that contains a bit more levity, so today I am super-excited to announce a giveaway.

CafePress recently contacted me and offered the opportunity to give away a t-shirt and a tote bag of my choice to one of you lovely people. CafePress offers unique and personalized gifts for friends and family.

It took me awhile to settle on a design that I liked simply because there were so many to choose from. I would have loved to create a unique design of my own using their easy-to-use designer tool, but I am ridiculously short on time these days, so I opted to go with something that I loved and that I hope you will enjoy too.

I know quite a few of you are runners or aspiring runners, so I am giving away a shirt and tote bag in this design:

Here's how you can enter to win your own t-shirt and tote bag. Please leave me a comment that tells me which of these you've done and I will give you one entry for each. Also, please leave me a way to get in contact with you if I cannot do so via your blog.

1. Follow or subscribe to Interrupted Wanderlust (or tell me you already have).

2. Follow or subscribe to my health and wellness blog (or tell me you already have).

3. Leave me a comment that tells me why you love to run.

4. Post about this giveaway on your blog, and link back to this post.

I will use to select a winner on Friday, June 11th.

Good luck!

7 Responses to “My First Giveaway”

  1. # Blogger Andrew

    Well how about this: If I don't win, I'm never reading Interrupted Wanderlust again.

    I'm just looking for a reason to stop. Don't give me a reason. I know where you live. You might wake up some day to find the twins gone.

    Oh, wait...  

  2. # Blogger Kristi

    Andy-L&N would love a Texas vacation. In fact, I can save you the kidnapping charge and just mail them to you, if you'd like.  

  3. # Blogger Melissa

    Woo hoo!! I'd love to win!

    I already subscribe to this blog, and I just subscribed to your other. I love to run because it keeps my butt and thighs toned. Oh, and because it gives me the energy to keep up with my kids and everything else that's on my plate. ;-)  

  4. # Blogger serenity

    I subscribed to your blog when Jamie at Sticky Feet posted a link to one of your posts. And I just subscribed to the other.

    I run because I love it. Because it makes me centered, and focused, and strong. It makes me a better person, and a better mom.

    Okay, okay! The REAL reason? Running makes it so I can have ice cream every day. :)


  5. # Anonymous Karen Bannan @ NaturalAsPossibleMom

    I actually hate running when I am doing it, but I like how I feel afterward. (Until the next day, of course!)


  6. # Blogger Rebecca

    I subscribe to your blog in Google Reader! Jamie at StickyFeet is also the blogger that turned me on to your blog.

    I also run however I wouldn't say I love to run but it is growing on me. I ran 5k the other night and the weather was perfect. It was cool, no humidity and the flowers were so fragrant. I live by the ocean so the views on my regular route are amazing. This particular night there was a rain shower offshore which I couldn't stop looking at. I'm hoping to train for a half marathon in the fall.  

  7. # Blogger Rachel

    I too ended up here through Jamie. I subscribe through bloglines.

    I run because it clears my head, I also love knowing I can do it.  

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