Luci and Nicholas at 14 Months

Luci and Nicholas are 14 months old today.

There have been great mobility gains in the last month, which means I am drinking a lot more heavily now.

Both babies walk using their walkers quite well.

Nicholas is, quite literally, into everything. We have Baby Jail set up in our family room, so there is no escape route for the prisoners, but that doesn't stop him from trying. If the gate is even slightly open, he will force his head through it like a battering ram, attempting to break free. He also climbs over the toy barricade and onto the brick hearth in front of our fireplace, and even attempts to scale the baby gate. When he's released from prison for good behavior, he attempts to climb stairs, open the fridge and kitchen cabinets, and play in the toilet.

I do not remember Isabella being so hell-bent on destruction, but perhaps I've simply blocked it all out.

It's also been a banner month for the boy because he has found a new toy. In the bath a few weeks ago, my son discovered...his manhood. Much poking, pulling, and fiddling ensued, all performed with a gigantic smile on his face. It's now his favorite plaything during diaper changes, baths, and anytime he's sans clothes.

Nico's hair is growing very long, and it's in his face quite a bit. The fam thinks I need to get the boy a haircut, but I think this works just as well.

This? How you say? Hairtie in my locks? Is curious.

But I like it!

His vocabulary increased this month too, and he's added "Mum-Mum" (as in Baby Mum-Mum), and "Bye-Bye" (with an accompanying arm wave).

After spending half his life being his sister's whipping boy, Nicholas has started to fight back. There's nothing quite as amusing as watching two 14-month-olds battle it out over toys, books, or the last Cheerio on the floor. He's starting to be the aggressor more so than his sister now, but Luci still enjoys beating him upon his head any chance she gets.

Luci is now pulling up and cruising the furniture right beside her brother. I actually think she's the faster crawler now too. Both babies are still entrenched in a fussy eating stage (their dinners consist of macaroni, string cheese, bananas, and Mum-Mums), but Luci is especially fussy.

She is still having an awful time at night, and at least a few nights a week is up and screaming in the late evening and early morning hours, and no amount of CIO or rocking her back to sleep works. I'm not sure if it's teething (she's currently still 14 months), nightmares, or what, but I am ready for it to stop.

Her expressiveness is quite adorable, and she's constantly pointing at things and saying, "That." In addition, she now says "Bye-Bye," "Mum-Mum" and "Ba" (ball).

Just before Thanksgiving, I stopped nursing them. Nicholas was long ready for this, and had shown a complete disinterest in nursing since turning a year. I was only nursing him once a day (before bed), and he really wasn't into it for the last few weeks before I stopped. Luci, however, would nurse herself to sleep (or close to it) before naps and before bed. I contemplated continuing nursing her, and decided in the end not to. It seemed unfair to Nicholas (which sounds ridiculous, considering the boy was so over my boobs, but more than that, I was ready to be done.

I know this sounds selfish, and I know there are some nursing moms out there who will not understand, but I exclusively nursed twins for 13 months.

13 months.

And while all along I said I didn't deserve the rockstar treatment for doing so, you know what I think now? I did. Nursing two babies exclusively for this length of time WAS an incredible feat.
It was hugely time-consuming. It was insanely difficult, especially in the beginning when Isabella had just turned two and used my nursing time to tear apart the house. And it was an enormous responsibility. I was the only one who could soothe two colicky babies when all hell broke loose in our house, which happened more times than anyone will ever believe. I was the one up all night long nursing one baby, then the other baby, then the first baby again, and so on.

I nursed twins for 13 months despite everyone in my family (and I do mean everyone) telling me to switch to formula and asking me with quizzical expressions exactly when I planned on stopping (as if nursing twins was this freakish and stupid choice). And while there is certainly nothing wrong with formula, it wasn't the choice I had made for my babies, and I wasn't going to
stop because I wanted to give them the best start possible, and the same start I had given to Isabella.

So yeah, I nursed twins for 13 months. And I am damn proud of myself for doing so.

And I think these two are too.


Likes: Calling the shots, crying, and hunger strikes

Dislikes: Sharing, all vegetables, and being steamrolled by Isabella


Likes: Preparing for his Spiderman audition, crying, and attempting to crawl back into the womb

Dislikes: Independence Day, "Miss Independent," and Freedom Fries

16 Responses to “Luci and Nicholas at 14 Months”

  1. # Blogger Pregnantly Plump

    Such cutie-pies! I also think you deserve rock star treatment! I nursed Little Elvis for 13 months, and was hounded for that decision as well.
    As for Nicolas getting into everything, I think it's a boy thing. And if he's anything like mine, it doesn't stop and actually gets worse! If I even look like I might tell Little Elvis not to do something or get into something, he does it immediately.  

  2. # Blogger MacNessa

    Gosh they are getting so big, and even cuter! (apparently it IS possible). I still can't believe you nursed twins for that long. Wow. I mean I'm not a boob person either, and even I think that's amazing. I at least had the option to palm off my screamers (at varying stages) to the husband, their grandmas etc.

    As for Nic scaling and climbing? Welcome to having a boy! Now be grateful your other two are girls :)  

  3. # Blogger JM

    You absoloutely deserve some sort of award, especially a rockstar one. Nursing twins for thirteen weeks exclusively would have been an achievement in my book, let alone thirteen months. Those are some (cute) lucky kiddos.  

  4. # Blogger Sugar and Ice

    They are precious, Kristi! I love reading these updates. They remind me of my girls in so many ways.  

  5. # Blogger Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog

    First, that hairtie? MEANIE MOMMY! That is so wrong. But cute!

    Second, You DO deserve a freakin medal, hon! That is incredible and I would think that it warrants a pay raise or at least a t-shirt that says something "This shirt covers breasts that sustained 3 children".  

  6. # Blogger Rachel

    I think you're a rockstar for nursing twins to 13 months. Without a doubt.  

  7. # Blogger Mom24

    Mmm, maybe it is time for a trim. ;-)

    They're too cute. You are absolutely amazing to have breastfed them for 13 months. That's incredible and a lot to be proud of.

    Sorry Luci's still struggling with sleep. I can only imagine how hard that is. Jason didn't sleep through the night from 6 mos. to 3 years, so you have my empathy.  

  8. # Blogger Marie

    Welcome to little boy mamahood! ;-)

    That's a lotttt of breast milk! Good for you -- and them!

    They're way too cute.  

  9. # Blogger Melissa

    Coming from someone who nursed a kid for THREE YEARS after barely nursing the other two, I *completely* understand when you say you were ready to stop. And yes, you should receive HUGE props for nursing two for that length of time. That's awesome!

    Their growth and development is fascinating to see. Nicholas reminds me of my kids at that age (and now still) - constantly into everything!  

  10. # Blogger Debbie

    You exclusively nursed twins for 13 months? That's 26 months total, and you totally rock for it. You've done more than your fair share.  

  11. # Blogger Holly at Tropic of Mom

    I think you are ready for sainthood!  

  12. # Blogger Christine

    I think you are completely awesome for having the ability to nurse two little ones for 13 months! I mean, seriously, amazing.

    I can't believe how big, or cute(!) they have gotten.  

  13. # Blogger Sunny

    LOL - Oh mama, you *have* to get that poor boy a haircut. Now. Or we might have to stage an intervention. :)

    I think you kick major @$$ for nursing the kiddos for 13 months. My goal is to do the same thing -- I'm sure you will be getting a MILLION questions from me!

    Speaking of BFing twins, by the way, my Grandma (who FF but loves that I BF my son) asked, "You aren't planning on nursing the twins, are you?" When I told her I absolutely was, and that I could save $2,000-$4,000 by doing so, she was quite for a minute and then goes: "Well then, you should go into business after they are done!" Ha ha ha. Not to many people can argue with the money savings, even if they don't GET it. :)  

  14. # Blogger Sunny

    typo: QUIET  

  15. # Anonymous Lisanne

    You DEFINITELY deserve rock-star status and treatment!!! Nursing twins for 13 months ... that is a HUGE achievement!!!  

  16. # Blogger Hopeful Mother

    Yes, you ARE a rockstar!! Way to go!!  

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