Just Round to 40

The hubs is 4.5 years older than I am, and has taken great delight the past few weeks in taunting me with the fact that 35, my current age as of today, rounds up to 40. "Hey! When I turn 40 in September, we'll be the same age!" Not that there's anything wrong with 40, of course. I know many fabulous men and women in the 40+ category. Hell, my gym is full of over 40 women who look half their age. And I've never been one to sweat birthdays. What's one more year? Birthdays have ceased to be occasions for giant celebrations. I didn't even go out for dinner on or near my birthday for the last two years, although this year, the hubs and I were able to go out on Saturday for a pre-birthday dinner because mamacita was in town and babysat for us. I'm not a big celebration kind of gal anyway. So this year, I'm slipping into 35 quietly. I've moved into another race age group (35-39), which gives me better odds of placing in races since I'm at the younger end of the category rather than the older. My mother bought me wickedly expensive anti-aging lotion as part of my birthday gift. Based on the tired-looking hag that greets me in the mirror each morning, I'm thinking I should use it. Liberally. Permanent bags under my eyes notwithstanding, I feel good about where I am this year. My new job is awesome, and even though I am working crazy hours with a less-than-ideal childcare situation, it is exciting to be on the cusp of something innovative and exciting for my company. I'm still tired. I still sometimes feel that motherhood is swallowing me alive. I still need to at least try and achieve a work-life balance. But this year, I've taken a giant step in the right direction. So, 35? Bring it.

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  1. # Anonymous Ness at Drovers Run

    I also turned 35 - in January. I'm not normally one to sweat birthdays either, but this one was a bitter pill. It feels like a slippery slope to 40. But I know why. I don't want to be 40 and the weight I am now. Things.Must.Change. I have 4.95yrs left to be hot again :) Like you said in your sign off. BRING IT.  

  2. # Blogger In Due Time

    I love sharing my birthday with someone as awesome as you. Happy Birthday! :-)  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Can you please update your profile? It still says 34...I'm just saying...

    Hubs :-)  

  4. # Blogger Debbie

    Happy Birthday! :)
    I, too, turned 35 this year (Feb), and it was a quiet celebration. I prefer that too.  

  5. # Anonymous Jenny

    Happy Birthday!

    As I saw a cashier this weekend with an AQ lanyard, and mentioned I went there while he was scanning my groceries... he helped me realize that the Seniors graduating this year were 1 year old when we graduated! That makes me feel older than thinking of "35".  

  6. # Blogger Jamie

    Happy Birthday! :)  

  7. # Anonymous christine

    Happy birthday! I hope that this year is a wonderful one for you.  

  8. # Blogger MsGraysea

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the best years of your life....I was happiest and totally enjoyed 35-50...
    68 is great too!

  9. # Blogger tracey.becker1@gmail.com

    Happy Birthday!  

  10. # Blogger Rebecca

    I turn 40 in November so I'm at the other end of that age group. The end whose ass you will be kicking!  

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