Camping: Friend or Foe?

Today I am doing something that I've never done before. Ever. I'm going camping. And I'm extremely nervous about it.

Before you laugh yourself right off my blog, I must explain the reasons why it's taken me 29.5 years to do something most people have done at least a handful of times by this age. My parents never took me camping growing up. It just wasn't something we ever did. On the few vacations we did take, we stayed in hotels or motels.

And as an adult, I never had the urge to camp. Sure, I have friends who absolutely love it, enjoy it, and do it all the time. I'm going camping today with my best friend, who has camped as a child and several times as an adult, her boyfriend, a veteran camper, and my husband, who in his pre-me days used to camp all the time. They all love it. And that's great. For them. I don't share their urge.

You see, I like to be clean and comfortable, and I can't for the life of me understand why one would want to go out of their way to chuck these two things into the wind to sleep outside on the ground. In my mind, technology has evolved throughout the centuries to ensure that we don't have to do this, so that we have soft beds, indoor plumbing, and electrical or gas appliances to cook our food. I can't see why someone would want to turn back the clock and live for days on end as if these things didn't exist.

I am not an elitist snob (although at times I admit I may sound like one), but I like the creature comforts of home, and when I travel, I like the safety and convenience of hotels. I keep reading stories like this, and I think I've worked myself up into a frenzy as a result, and we're not even camping in the middle of nowhere (we're camping in a state park for the weekend).

And I need my sleep. If I do not sleep well (and even sometimes when I do) I am an absolute bear in the morning (no pun intended). Somehow I don't think camping is conducive to a good night's sleep for me, an extremely light sleeper as it is.

The realist in me knows my fears and apprehension are silly, and I'm rational enough to know that more than likely I'll at least have a tolerable time, but I'm nervous all the same. My friends and husband whom I'm camping with assure me that I will not die. I'm not so sure.

Do you enjoy camping? What's the allure of sleeping in the great outdoors for you? Perhaps I'm just missing something here.

11 Responses to “Camping: Friend or Foe?”

  1. # Blogger Caryl

    I have gone camping in my college days. It was a good way to get drunk and not worry about going home. Where we camped, in the Catskills, there was a bathroom with fluch toilets and electricity - I could dry my hair and take nice hot showers. As those days are over, it is nice to be outdoors all day, cook your meals over a fire, and take early into the morning with a fire roaring and my favorite music playing in the background. I'll be awaiting your blog on Monday to find out how it went. Keep an open mind and have a great time.  

  2. # Blogger Blond Girl

    Hi Kristi. Michele sent me!

    Oh camping! I am NOT a camper and I think that in order to camp comfortably, there needs to at least be a door, a tiolet, a shower and a floor in my immediate vicinity. Established campgrounds with hookups and a camper trailer are the bare minimum. As you can guess, I don't camp often, either.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I will be back. Please visit me at my blog.. Mine's about a month old now and I'm loving it.... I also write for a living (client letters) but love to write for the joy of writing (thus the blog).

    Oh, and for fun, check out She is my best friend and has the same template as you. I think you'll enjoy her site as well.

    Have a happy Friday!  

  3. # Blogger Kross-Eyed Kitty

    Kristi, Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I really think that you will like camping, I really enjoy it, albeit, we have a trailer and can sleep indoor, and have a toilet!
    There is nothing like a campfire, and stars, and fresh air. Keep your mind open and have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  4. # Blogger tommy

    Michele sent me.

    Is it a prepared campground state park? If it is then that doesn't count as camping really. Our camping trips always revolved around something else, like being at the lake so camping was never the reason for being there. Breakfast is always better when camping.

    Enjoy. And take bug spray.  

  5. # Blogger Mixed Metaphor

    It looks as though you and I both started our blogs on the very same day. You write very well.

    Camping can be a lot fo fun, but my version of camping is lounging around all day, eating everything and drinking a lot of beer. Sadly, passing out is the only way in which I can master the sleeping bag.

    I'm going to add you to my blogroll, I look forward to reading more about you.

    And Happy Camping!  

  6. # Blogger PractiGal

    Hope you had fun! If you're reading this, we can assume you weren't a bear's appetizer... I grew up camping every summer, so I think the appeal is a nostalgic one for me. It's nice to get away from technology though & just enjoy the great outdoors!  

  7. # Blogger Geekwif

    I admit, I'm like you in that I like to be clean and comfortable, but I do love to camp occasionally. I love waking up to the crisp, clean morning air and the smell of trees and earth. I love hiking and discovering beauty that you can't find in a car. I love cooking over a woodfire - as long as someone else starts the fire.

    If I can take a shower and brush my teeth in the morning, then I'm alright - and washing in a lake or stream doesn't count. I need a fully equipped restroom nearby including working sinks, toilets, showers and preferably electricity.

    My husband would love to camp in the depths of the wilderness where you have to carry everything in a pack, tie your food in a tree and not wash for a week. NOT my idea of fun.

    Only two posts and I am already really enjoying your blog! I can't wait to read about how your camping trip went!  

  8. # Blogger kenju

    I do not enjoy camping in the least! My fmaily says that my idea of camping is a hotel without 24 hr. room service!

    I do like to be in the wilds during the daytime; hikes and boating and such, but as evening falls, I want a restaurant and quiet room and a bed, with lights and a good book!  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

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