Moving Forward

Thank you so much for your outpouring of support following Louie's passing. The emails, Facebook messages, and comments here helped ease the pain.

I still miss him terribly. His photo sits on the ledge over my kitchen sink, right beside the clay mold of his paw prints, which the emergency vet's office took of him following his passing.

At times, I still think I see him walking around the house, until I do a double-take and realize it's either Chubbie or Claudia, one of my two other cats.

His death has left a giant hole in my heart.

I bought this stone for his grave in our backyard. I had the kids paint rocks to place around it. Several times a week, I sit in the chair I've placed nearby and remember him.


Those who say, "He was just a pet" have obviously never loved an animal.

This blog celebrated its 6th anniversary on July 5th. I hardly feel like it's worth noting this past year, since posting has been so sporadic. But there are a handful of you who have been reading here for many years, and that's something worthy of recognition.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sticking around here when my posts have been few and far between. One day I'll start writing with greater regularity again. I miss writing here.

So, what's been going on?

Well, these two are *this close* to being potty-trained, at least during the day. Luci is ahead of Nicholas in the "waking up dry" category. Potty-training 2 two-and-a-half-year-olds has not been the complete nightmare I thought it would be (although this is probably because the hubs has taken the reins on the majority of the training, as he did with Isabella).

Yes, there are times when I am awash in bodily fluids (and solids, sorry) and it is chaotic shuffling between the two of them and who needs to go and who prefers the potty chair to the potty seat fitted over the toilet in the bathroom, and Oh My God, do NOT stand up mid-stream, but we're getting there.

This one is *this close* to swimming. After two weeks of swimming lessons, she now jumps in on her own, goes underwater on her own, and even "swims" underwater on her own. No floaty life jacket needed all summer long. She still needs help on stroke technique and proper breathing, but after some private lessons later this summer (she took group lessons at my gym's pool), I'm hopeful she'll be very close to independent and actual swimming.

All three of the kids were in my cousin's wedding over 4th of July weekend. Surprisingly, no one ran screaming down the aisle. They performed like little trained monkeys, making me question who swapped out my Twinsanity for two robots kids.

And I donned a fancy dress, and posed with my sister for posterity, because the last time I was this dressed up, I was getting married, 10 years ago.

My job is going well. For the past 6 weeks, I've been working on copy for my health club's new website (launching Friday), instead of working on the social media strategy and training for the social media managers at each of the clubs. But the site launches Friday, and soon I'll return to doing my "real" job. I'm heading back to Chicago in August to train 10 social media managers on the new strategy. Jaime and Tracey: what are you doing the 3rd week in August???

And that's about it. The summer schedule is in effect here, with Isabella in camps most of the summer (this week, it's "Discovering Plants" at our science museum, followed by Jazz Camp at a music school next week). Luci and Nicholas are even going to a week of camp with the hubs the last week in July. I love, love, love our science museum's summer camps.

We have no summer vacation plans, but maybe you do. Allow me to live vicariously through you.

Where are you headed?

7 Responses to “Moving Forward”

  1. # Blogger Andrew

    I like this post. I like the Louie memorial, and the twins are adorable. I'm glad Isabella is enjoying the pool. It's great for kids to know how to swim.

    And you in a hot dress! Nice!  

  2. # Blogger Debbie

    I admire you.

    I was glad to see an update, but mostly I was reminded how strong you are.  

  3. # Blogger MsGraysea

    Welcome back, Kristi,
    I think about you everyday and have often just come back to say take a look at precious Louie. Beautiful boy and I know you must miss him terribly. How nice that you all participated in making the little memorial. Pets are indeed, treasured family members and their loss is present for a long time to come. Since Ms G went to live with my dearest, I still think, after 2 years, that I see her walking into a room at my house. Crazy.
    Love the pictures....especially of everyone dressed up so beautifully.
    Sounds like a happy busy summer....YAY!  

  4. # Anonymous MacLeod House

    Gosh the twins are potty training already!? Wow. Can I borrow your hubby to come and work with my 3 year old?! Seriously, the kid knows exactly what do to, he just *refuses* and believe me, there are Highland bulls in Scotland, that marvel at that kids level of stubbornness. It just struck me - how cool it was that we're now having "Summer" at the same time as you. So instead of me having to "think upside down" when you're posting summery stuff - it's cool that at least now we share the same hemisphere :)  

  5. # Blogger Jamie

    I start back at the "real" college that week, but I still might be able to figure out a time to meet up with you. What will your schedule look like while you're here? :)

    Looks like you guys have been busy. Love the photo of you in the dress!! And the kids look adorable in the wedding photos and HOORAY! for potty training toddlers!  

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    Cute kids. They are pretty good. I love this post.  

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